Creative activities for children: what to do at home

When you have children in the house the password is entertainment. It can be fun to watch an episode of a cartoon, but there are tons of them too creative activities for children ideal for not getting bored and not spending all day in front of the television. Let’s see what best creative activity ideas for kids for all agesfrom the youngest children to the primary school children.

Creative activities for young children

If we have one very small child we can entertain him with numerous creative activities. First and foremost, play with tactile booksbooks made of different materials such as cardboard and fabric, which teach children to know the world around them from an early age.

Another creative game may be there paint with your hands, but with a very small child, the risk is that he may ingest the colors by sticking his hands in his mouth. In this case, we can do edible painteasy and quick to do and above all risk-free for our little ones. To prepare it serve two cups of cornstarch, one cup of cold water and one cup of hot water and food coloring of your favorite colors. In a saucepan, first dissolve the starch in cold water and then in hot water. Once you have made a liquid mixture and no lumps, put it on the stove and let it thicken (if it is too thick, add more water). Divide the mixture into bowls and add a few drops of food coloring to get different colors.

Creative activities for 2 and 3 year olds

From this age, children begin to know how to shape shapes, so you can start doing creative manual activities such as playing with play dough and with salt dough, easy to make and safe for children. There recipe it’s simple, you need two glasses of 00 flour, a glass of fine salt, a hot water and many utensils such as a rolling pin and molds. Combine all the ingredients and knead until you get a compact and smooth ball, then use it to create shapes and objects. To harden them, place them in the oven at 120 ° for about 20-30 minutes, or until completely set. Once cooled, the creations can be stained with tempera.

Two and three years old kids also love to buildfor this we can entertain them with wooden constructions stacks that stimulate creativity and imagination.

baby salt dough without cooking

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Creative activities for 4 and 5 year olds

From this age children can begin play with other materials without the risk of ingesting themfor this we can begin to do duties at home, even in the name recycling and sustainability. What to build with a 4-5 year old child? continue to crepe paper, glue, cardboard, sticks, toilet paper rolls, unused fabrics and everything one thinks of to create jobs and recycle materials that would otherwise be thrown out. When we are done, we can keep chores or disassemble them to reuse them in another creative activity.

Specially designed for children this age and up The Children’s Museum in Milan, a place where children can experience and discover the world through exhibitions and workshops. Those who can not visit it can do so creative activities with your children even at home thanks to the boxes designed by the museum, dedicated to the letters of the alphabet and the invention of fairy tales, which can be purchased at official site.

Activities for 6 and 7 year olds

At this age, we can start dating more complicated educational games just like games about the solar system And on the sciences to start discovering the world with creative experiments and games. A classic is e.g. the volcano erupts by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate. The volcano can be made by covering a bowl with an envelope or with silver paper, to decorate and color as you prefer, to put bicarbonate in and if you also want some dye to make the eruption more realistic. When the volcano is finished, start the experiment by placing the vinegar in the container, then enjoy the show.

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Creative activities for 8, 9 and 10 year olds

How to entertain children from 8 years? At this age, children have grown up, aware of their abilities and emotions, and above all, they begin to prefer group activities. Go ahead and see a simple festivalsbut also for creative activities such as theater and do more extensive tasks. With children from the age of eight and up, we can make photo albums and thoughts decorated by children, DIY creations you with glue balloons and crepe paper, or play with Lego bricks and low constructions.

At this age you can too play with technology and stimulate the imagination by creating video where children tell stories or do chores.

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