Create with the Cottage garden design in 5 steps

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Not just for home decor. Even outdoors involves the choice of a style to dedicate to the garden. Each garden style has its own history and specific characteristics to suit the context and type of structure being located. To find out how to decorate your garden, we will from time to time go to illustrate the main and different styles to be suggested for outdoor environments. Let’s start with the Cottage Garden. One of the most popular and traditional of English origin.

Cottage garden: characteristics and use

The Cottage Garden style is very popular because of its romantic and picturesque aspect, very close to the English style. It is rich in vegetation and the color of the flowers, wisely dosed and distributed in the different areas of the garden, combined with the most similar colors.

Arranging your garden in a cottage garden style involves a very simple and regular scheme:

  • arrangement of natural and artificial elements in a simple and geometric way, but also with curved lines;
  • central path connecting the main entrance door of the house with the gate and very narrow secondary paths;
  • large rectangular lateral flower beds;
  • the alternation between hedges and plants, to divide the different areas of the garden;
  • prefers the inclusion of natural stone and brick as material;
  • gravel and pebbles for the creation of the paths;
  • wooden gates made with fences or palisade for a greater sense of nature;
  • predominance of wild and native vegetation;
  • constructions of bricks, gravel and pebbles;
  • presence of pergolas, arches, wells and cisterns to decorate and complete the atmosphere,
  • English lawn.

Previously, it was a piece of land used for the production and feeding of farmers. In fact, it was also known as the Kitchen – the garden. Over time, it has spread more and more, especially towards the end of the twentieth century, and has modeled itself as becoming a true style. cult.

The cottage garden style excludes small spaces due to its rich and lush vegetation that covers most of the space.

What types of plants should be included in the Cottage Garden?

As expected, the diversity of vegetation available for the decoration of the Cottage garden is very varied and extensive. Particularly characterized by colored foliage, flowers in the most diverse colors and perfumed, they are inserted:

  • perennials;
  • climbing plants;
  • daffodils;
  • hyacinths;
  • tulips;
  • geranier;
  • Rose;
  • clematis;
  • Delphinium;
  • dahlias and aconites.

How to decorate your garden in a Cottage Garden style in 5 steps

In addition to the type of vegetation and the various introductory elements, to re-suggest the design of the Cottage garden, you can follow 5 simple steps to reproduce it in a simple and faithful way:

  1. introduce many plantations: Although they require intensive maintenance, they are a characteristic element of the Cottage garden. Here it is important to know how to combine the different types of plants;
  2. not only flowers: but also vegetables and aromatic herbs to be included in the cultivation. They help keep the growth of parasites under control, just as they have a functional and not just decorative purpose;
  3. atmosphere of roses: what should really never be missing in a garden, but which is required here specifically for the design of the Cottage garden, is precisely the wonderful and fragrant rose pergola. Very romantic and characteristic, always current and with great effect in any green area;
  4. the furniture is rustic: benches, chairs and tables, porches and so on, which you decide to place in the garden, must respect the refined and desired rusticity of the rural taste. Therefore, easily aged and damaged wood can not be thrown out, it can be perfectly combined and integrated with this outdoor style;
  5. the paths are narrow, covered with vegetation: tiles or stones, in small blocks, to create winding paths, but strictly narrow, almost invisible, as the vegetation will deliberately cover them.

Choosing the style of the Cottage garden means that you want to give a touch of mystery and desire for discovery to your green area. Even if there is a small space.

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