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The villas with swimming pools located in the surroundings, the big Ferris wheel, the palm trees that change color when the sun goes down and the eyes painted as in a trunk. That Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is back again this year, after a two-year hiatus due to a pandemic, and brings back to the center of the limelight – especially social media – the great parade of artists, guests and influencers who animateEmpire Polo Grounds from Indio. In the heart of the California desert, to the occasion transformed into a giant open-air museum, the musical performances from the top of the stage participate in a fairly ordinary exhibitionism that spreads enthusiastically throughout the rest of the valley. “The biggest and best known festivals typically strive to idealize somethingalthough this is nothing more than a sheer lack of restraint, “Carrie Battan further remarked New Yorkers. “Woodstock breathed peace and free love (and so, until the 1999 return, fire and anger). Lilith Fair had saccharine inclusiveness and feminist solidarity on her side. Burning Man, the protagonist of many scoffs and debates, still thrives on a spirit of ‘Radical Self-Reliance’ and more recently of techno-utopianism. Mardi Gras then has its spirits, its pearls and Big Easy traditions, Electric Daisy Carnival its glow sticks, basses and spring breakers. That Coachellaon the other hand, it is a much more vague and widespread phenomenon: is an aesthetic experiment led by desert hippies, separate from any ideology. Together, his tribes also form a generic and apolitical group. ”

But while the style echoes and the winds off boho-chic trend from abroad they come to us now only as fleeting breezes, the fair which Paul Tollett sought in 1999 does not lose its charm, even in the long run in terms of preparations. After making room for fashion that never comes and goes like in the California desert, design thus takes over the arid lands of Riverside and transforms the scenography into a real pilgrimage site for designers and creatives. This year, together with Cristopher Cichockis, Kiki Van Eijks, Estudio Normal, Oana Stanescu and LosDos’ projects, it stands out with its four towers. The playgroundthe architecture – the playground drawn by Architensions (the picture in the opening). Tribute to ‘Il teatro del Mondo’ by Aldo Rossi, inspired by Constant Nieuwenhuys’ New Babylon, a city where improvisation, opportunity and play coexist. structure evokes a familiar urban landscape, “a theater-like environment where people can interact in a kind of show,” explains Alessandro Orsini, co-founder of Nick Roseboro from the Brooklyn and Rome-based studio. “It allows you to experience a leisure place without the use of technology, simply by interacting with the space and its materiality. The user is both a spectator and a performer.”

The landscape, with its most characteristic (non) vegetation, and the author’s intervention, with the whims that characterize the design world, therefore reveals the Coachella the perhaps most seductive soul. Bright colors, totemic structures and tribal symbols participate in the staging with identity signs and graphics, recurring motifs that as demonstrated by this week’s design gallerythey also inspire the small scale design of the home.

Jaipur rugs – Kolam

ethnic rug

Fabien Charuau

Among stylized floral motifs, ancestral graphics and folk symbols, the Kolam collection of Jaipur rugs was born out of a reflection on the ancient popular art of creating designs using rice flour. A fleeting artistic ritual that becomes lasting through the series’ hand-knotted rugs in wool and bamboo silk. Kolam’s aesthetics, typical of South India, therefore inspire designs that blend rigorous geometric play, including lines and rings, and natural motifs in a rich layer of motifs, enhanced by the dynamic combination of colors. The result is an evocative pattern in which the abstraction of forms and the dialogue between colors evoke wonder and serenity.

Alanui – Homeware SS22

alanui homeware ss22

Courtesy photo Alanui

Inspired by a carefree trip to an ideal tropical island, founder and creative director of Alanui, Carlotta Oddi, Imagine a variety of hyper-colored residential objects, including blue skies, lush palm trees and long days of surfing. Confirmation ofThe brand’s craftsmanship attitude, the SS2022 collection for the home, draws heavily on the visual image of the fashion brand’s wardrobe, and also suggests graphics and motifs typical of clothes on fabrics and soft intertwined textures. “During the day, the rhythm of captivating music accompanies us as we ride the waves;”, they write to describe the collection’s summer mood, “late in the evening we lie down in front of a campfire on multicolored beach towels and sink into Alanui’s maxi pillows, wrapped in warm blankets to warm us from the night breeze “.

Gufram – Andy’s yellow cactus

gufram andys yellow cactus

Lent by photo Gufram

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the famous Gufram Cactus is designed by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello change dress, with a dress signed Andy Warhol. “We started by imagining how Warhol might have portrayed the cactus, and from there we created the three-dimensional version, working on a typical Warhol trio of colors and highlighting the tips in black as in one of his serigraphs,” said Charley. Vezza from Gufram and the provocative, modern tribute to Radical Design, the project therefore reinterprets the 1972 icon in three bright colors, blue, yellow and pink, creating a series of limited edition pieces marked with the characteristic 2,165 polyethylene bosses (one more, a smaller one) is painted with Guflac, the special patented finish from the company that makes it possible to maintain maximum flexibility and softness.

Jwana Hamdan – The Wandering Majlis

desert inspired design

Courtesy Photo Jwana Hamdan

Moonlover is called one of the scenarios in The Wandering Majlis, the first collection that the brand Jwana Hamdan will officially present during Milan Design Week 2022, an outdoor furniture ensemble that pays homage to outdoor life and cosiness. Among the news signed by the founder and creative director of the brand made in Italy, the outdoor series is inspired by the concept majlis, literally “a space to sit in”, it thus becomes a symbol of welcome and hospitality in the citation of a place rooted in Arab culture, representing an inclusive environment where one can meet, share and interact through the sound of Voices, stories and music.

Scapin Collezioni – Nuclide Coffee Table

scapin nuclide coffee table collections

Courtesy Photo Thomas Pagani, Art Direction by Studio MILO

Geometric symbols intersecting between defined lines characterize the New Atomic Age series signed by Elena Salmistraro for Scapin Collezioni. Inspired by the historical period between the 1940s and 1960s, the Milan-based designer reworks the feeling of anxiety and worry caused by the dynamics of the Cold War through form: the graphic signs associated with the fear of the atom therefore become exorbitant decorations, neo -tribal references reproduced with ebony inlays and innovative interweaving of marble and resin. For example, in the Nuclide coffee table, the expressive power of the top is combined with very three-dimensional supports, which enhances the clear graphics of the surface and the generous volumes of the structure.

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