“Children like me, but I know how to be faithful.” Al Brancaccio with “Samusà”

Very serious. On the phone, he talks a little, laughs even less, takes the time to answer questions. Fame also precedes. Virginia Raffaele, a 41-year-old Roman, a triumph from the last edition of LOL, is said to be very professional: the term used above all for women (Paola Cortellesi, another), and which also involves the discipline some first – class nerd.

Which for someone like her coming from a family of circus performers and carousels (Amazon’s grandmother, the founders of the oldest amusement park in Italy) might be a characteristic developed in response to the family context of generous, chaotic madness. That’s what her show, Samusà, is talking about, staged just before the lockdown and now for the first time in Rome, from Tuesday at the Brancaccio Theater: written, interpreted and also drawn by her, author of the images on stage. Nerd.

Has Samusà changed in two years?
“During the lockdown, I thought I had to update the character of the conspiracy theorist to get her to talk about vaccines. But then I realized that the public, Covid, is no longer holding it up. And so I gave up. Now the conspiracy theorist is talking about anti-tetanus ».

Are you also talking about the closure of the family amusement park?
“Yep. I’m based on the human crowd that I met in the queue at my parents’ shooting range, and I end by saying how I felt when the amusement park closed. And the relationship I have now with that park.”

What effect does it have on her?
“I avoid going in front of it.”

Did she ever go back there?
“Yes, to take pictures when the park was now destroyed and empty. I was sitting on a broken bench without legs. And suddenly I remembered all the ice creams I had eaten up there, the markets I used to make with the leaves of the trees, the people. It is a pity that the category of carousels has been forgotten today ‘.

In what sense?
“There is a lot of talk about the circus, but nothing is said about the carousels, except with prejudices. They call them gypsies, with contempt. Yet it is a work that has its own poetry. It’s a hard life. After this show, the carousels thanked me, they felt represented. And for me it was a great source of pride.

What does samusà mean?
«It means silence, on the dialect of Rome’s carousels. Outside Rome it is called sambosà. It is a jargon of words and entertainment, where words are sown a little here and there, so as not to be understood by others.

Do you speak it?
“With my mother, often. It’s a kind of dialect, a mysterious, exclusive language for a few. Like the Molise man.”

Fresh from LOL: how did it go?
“Demanding. But it has expanded my audience: now people in a lower age group know me. For example, children began to pursue me. They love satire on contemporary art. They understand it better than adults.”

Politically correct censorship?
“I do the accounting with my taste, my conscience and my ideas. I risk less because I primarily make satire about customs and not political satire. Although it is incredible, they sometimes overlap: to interpret Nicole Minetti was to make a satire of costume.In the bathroom (so he imitated it ten years ago on Quelli che il calcio, red) ».

No effort?
“When I play women, I try to avoid attacks. Or at least what sounds like an insult to my ear. I do not want to scandalize people because they talk about me, but the pebbles, if you satirize them, you have to take them. of. If satire is not a bit bad, what satire is it then? ».

Choose: would you like to make a Sanremo or a special on Netflix?
“My job consists of many fights, good to live, even if you do not necessarily score a goal. In Sanremo, between host and presentations, I made five: Let’s give the Italian public time to forget me. What I want now “is to have a cinematic experience, even a series. Cinema is something that will always remain in my dreams”.

Is something coming?
«Three for many, a comedy with Fabio De Luigi, in which we play a couple who have no children and who tolerate friends with children less and less, who have become paranoid to a degree. When will it come out? Nobody knows: De Luigi says that if the cinema continues to go like this, the film will be released posthumously ».


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