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What do we know about Charley Vezza? CEO and creative director (but beware of calling him that), the very young Piedmontese businessman for a few years he was the protagonist of the Italian gossip for his relationship with Marica Pellegrinelli, former wife of Eros Ramazzotti. By him we know very littlebut what is clear to everyone is that it is very large passion for design and innovation. Let’s find out more about the entrepreneur and also about his privacy, from Marica Pellegrinelli to her new relationship.

Who’s Charley Vezza?

Charley Vezza is one Piedmontese entrepreneur. He was born in 1988 and is the son of the entrepreneur Sandra Vezzaowner of L’Astemia Pentita basement. Vezza is an only child and fatherless, which is why he has always had a very special relationship with his mother, with whom he also lived in New York. Together, mother and son took control of the historic in 2012 Gufram design company and in recent years they have created Italian Radical Design Group.

As we can also see from Charley Vezza’s Instagram Profilethe entrepreneur is a lot passionate about travel, design, photography and technology and considers himself a true esthete.

Relationship with Marica Pellegrinelli, Eros Ramazzotti’s ex-wife

One of the reasons why Charley Vezza is not only known in the world of design and entrepreneurship is his the relationship now over with actress and model Marica Pellegrinelli. Pellegrinelli is it ex wife of Eros Ramazzotti, with whom she was married for five years, from 2014 to 2019. Together, the couple had two children, Raffaela Maria and Gabrio Tullio. According to some gossip newspapers, this seems to have been true Vezza the reason for the break between the model and the singerbut the news was never made official.

Marica Pellegrinelli and Charley Vezza have always been very reticent about their relationship, which we still know very little about despite the separation. The story between the two is started in 2019 and it seems to have had a break in 2020, for then will definitely end in 2021. Today, Marica Pellegrinelli, following rumors of a relationship with the Paul Ferrari model, recently made it official compared to deejay William Djoko.

From Charley Vezza’s privacy today we know very little. According to some rumors, the entrepreneur would have had one compared to Giorgia Tordiniinfluencer and creative director of The Attico, but Vezza is very private about his privacy, and to date we do not know if he is engaged or single.

a work by charley vezza

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Charley Vezza’s work with Gufram

At 27, Vezza became one of those youngest entrepreneurs under 30 in Italy after taking command of the historic Piedmontese design firm Guframtaken over by Sandra Vezza in 2012. Gufram is famous for iconic designs like the Pratone, the Cactus coat rack and the Bocca sofa (which we also saw in some scenes of House of Gucci). With the Vezza company he was in work closely with artists and designers like Maurizio CattelanValerio Berruti and Fabio Novembre and suggested one new route to the companyincreasingly provocative and modern, mainly based on the brand’s iconic models.

After the takeover of Gufram by Sandra Vezza, the entrepreneur co-founded with his son Italian Radical Design Groupwhich is intended improve Italian design brands characterized by an unconventional approach.

Do not call him creative director

That of Vezza is one unique personality, which also goes from the choice of his role within Gufram. Vezza er CEO and creative director of the company, but these titles are very close to him. The entrepreneur preferred the title to himself Global Creative Orchestratorwhich, as he himself recounted, sprang out of one Random job title generator. An orchestra conductor in every respect, for “Ultimately, what I do is nothing more than” orchestrating “the work of several people.”

The addition of Memphis Milan to Italian radical design

Only this year at Italian Radical Design Group by Charley and Sandra Vezza, the historic design collective has been added Memphis Milanowho last year turned 40 and has been under the leadership of Alberto Bianchi Albrici. Albrici himself said extremely proud of the collaboration with Vezzawhich won him over with his passion and his entrepreneurial ability, but above all for his desire to keep the roots of Memphis Milan intact but project them towards the future.

Memphis Milan will not be the only addition to the Italian Radical Design group the Vezza family has already in mind some historical names to join the groupbut at present it is not yet known what they are.

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