“Capodimonte at the Louvre”: an extraordinary event that pays homage to culture

Never has a gallery been celebrated by another “. This simple statement issued under an agreement held in the Union Club of Naples by Sylvain BellengerDirector-General of the Capodimonte Museum, to understand the exceptional nature of the event.

Knowledge is a valuable asset that must be disseminated as much as possible. It is with this good purpose that a review has been organized that will unite, not only ideally, the famous The Louvre Museum at the Capodimonte Gallery in Naples. For once, any kind of “rivalry” is forbidden, if it can be called so, in the cultural, artistic and tourist field.

“The exhibition gets the title”Capodimonte at the Louvre ‘ and it’s the first time in history that a museum celebrates another gallery and not a single artist with an exhibition “, Bellenger announced that he added that the grand appointment will be held in 2023 in connection with a number of works.we will do that and it will significantly reduce our exhibition space, and that will be an extraordinary thing “. Words, relaunched by Corriere del Mezzogiorno, of extraordinary importance. Because they illustrate a unique event.

Bellenger pointed out that the exhibition will bring works by several artists to Paris “they are absent from a museum that is nonetheless extraordinary and powerful.” The director general of the Capodimonte Museum explained that the idea is not to reserve a specific space for the Neapolitan gallery, but instead is “to get our works to enter into dialogue with theirs. One of the issues concerns Caravaggio: our flagellation will be in the presence of The Death of the Virgin of the Louvre “.

An ambitious project, which, however, needs work. Bellenger reminded that in order to get the works to the French capital, one needs appropriate tools, such as framework. Those of some paintings are in plaster and other canvases have none as one followed a fashion from the seventies who wanted the exhibited works to be “naked”. It is clear that in order to give the masterpieces a “dress” that fits the big occasion, money is needed. Not an easy task. But possible. To achieve this, Bellenger tries patrons as those that have already been activated through the Art Bonus for Capodimonte. Among these figure Giovanni Lombardientrepreneur and chairman of the Capodimonte Advisory Board, which previously managed to put together consortia to repurchase works from the museum’s heritage or support restorations.

For there is not only the Parisian event. Capodimonte is a treasure chest that preserves several treasures. Also environmentally. It should not be forgotten that the area is hosted city ​​park largest in Italy: 134 hectares, where green and social inclusion projects have been implemented. But there is also more.

For today, the challenge is to make the complex autonomous from an energy point of view. This necessity has become of primary importance due to the very high cost. “We pay a million bills a year just for lighting – Bellenger explained – and energy efficiency is a necessity. The tender was awarded through Invitalia, and we want panels oriented according to artificial intelligence. The executive project will be completed in 2022. We have 23 million in our budget, plus 27 from various partners: a total of 52 million ”. The director general of the Capodimonte Museum has promised that the plan will be ready by 2024. When everything will be completed “then we will be the first energy self-sufficient museum. A record that makes us very proud”.

In fact, there would also be another issue to address: that oforganic. When asked, Bellenger does not slant the words: “We are 70% understaffed. To give an example, the Prado has thirty-two art historians, just one of us. But we solve in Neapolitan style: with an enthusiasm that can not be found anywhere else and the need, for each of us, to bend backwards “. An effort which, emphasized the Director-General of the Capodimonte Museum, is also supported by all members of the ‘Friends of the Museum’ “which is a stimulus and always suggests new goals and Giovanni Lombardi who guided me in the discovery and knowledge of a city that I wanted and chose among all. “

The projects are many and all ambitious. But by taking one step at a time, any obstacle can be overcome. The results achieved will enrich the world of culture, not just Italian.

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