Campania, plastic surgery at school: storm on councilor Lucia Fortini. Her: I have been misunderstood

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The regional education director has announced a motorhome in front of the schools to inform the children. The controversy rages, then the correction: “Young people must be brought up for the harmful effects”

from Simona Brandolini

Storm on Regional Council Member for Education Lucia Fortini. Whoever presented the conference on plastic surgery and women’s health wrote in a post on fb a few days ago: “Dissemination events like the one organized this morning by Professor Francesco D’Andrea are crucial to talk to everyone about the importance of Good – to be body and mind. Taking care of yourself means taking care of yourself and it is very important to start with young people to instill in them, at once, the culture of feeling good in order to relate better to others and face their own lives. Then also “the project” in Forma “”, or “gods announces campers at schools in Campania to raise students’ awareness of the subject and offer them concrete help to be able to take a path to physical and mental health thanks to the intervention of doctors and experts. I urge everyone not to have preconceptions about surgery if it serves to solve a real and objective problem, the important thing is always to contact known and recognized professionals to avoid injuries, in some cases unfortunately irreparable.

Surgery, youth and school

In the post, the councilor connects plastic surgery, young people and school. arouses fatal anger in many users. So much so that I have to correct: “In these hours, I read controversial articles on my intervention on the subject of plastic surgery, so I think it’s right to come up with a clarification. The post talks (perhaps in a vague way) on two topics: during the conference organized a few days ago with the theme: “plastic surgery and women”, Professor D’Andrea spoke of non-aesthetic but plastic surgery. A popular science moment where we talked about how important reconstruction surgery can be for, for example, a woman who has had a breast removal operation or who has been disfigured due to violence. Second: Cosmetic surgery, which is spreading among young people, girls and boys, as they must be trained for the sometimes detrimental effects of such procedures, which can pay off for years. The intervention was therefore exactly the opposite of what some (thankfully few) have understood. No school leader or teacher would ever welcome experts in their schools who could raise awareness of the use of such practices ”. But in the meantime, the omelette is done.

Political reactions

So much so that the Northern League leader immediately intervenes Matteo Salvini. “I think for students from Campania, it really is a priority …”. He writes this on social media. And the leader of the League in the Regional Council Gianpiero Zinzi announces a question: “After two years of pandemic, the school world would need more attention from the Campania region on many priorities other than the topic of plastic surgery. However, Commissioner Fortini’s “clarification” is not entirely convincing, only to provoke controversy. That is why I have registered a question to ask for clarity about this project and about the others going on in our schools ».

The Secretary of Education

The comment from Education Minister Rossano Sasso, also from the Lega, is definitive: “As a father of two girls, I read with immense confusion the Campania region’s sudden initiative regarding campers to be placed in front of schools to make students aware. About the benefits of plastic surgery. Really a bizarre way of spending taxpayers ‘money and a startling mistake from an educational point of view: our children must send messages of acceptance of their own and others’ differences, certainly not invite them to systematically use a scalpel to chase fashion and aesthetic standards at the moment. Commissioner Lucia Fortini, promoter of the hiking project aimed at “in search of beauty” (sic!), Subsequently tried to correct the shot: too late, “the patch is worse than the hole”, as the old saying goes. curious to hear a comment on a member of his Council’s work from President De Luca, always generous with remarks. a revolt of parliamentarians and left-wing intellectuals, which I imagine will react with the greatest indignation and will not be conditioned by the political affiliation of the author of such a drop ”. And it ends: “I tell the girls and boys not to listen to the nonsense that someone who is obviously inadequate to the role they have wants to offer them: Accept yourself as you are and who who are next to you as they are. May your lives and your dreams never be plasticized ».

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April 28, 2022 | 16:19


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