Caffè Borbone on Cibus 2022, appointments and news to discover at the stand

The company Bourbon coffee participate in Cibus 2022 ready to meet the needs of operators and professionals in the sector, national and international buyers, with the wide range of products dedicated to retail. The appointment is in hall 06, where it will be possible to taste the blends of the Caffè Borbone line – noble, decisive, supreme and dek – in all portions of coffee formats and discover the new company products. Among the news: the launch of aluminum capsules that are compatible with branded machines Nespresso. Finally, even those who choose the aluminum capsule will be able to taste the Caffè Borbone espresso. An intense, creamy coffee, as good as at the bar, is the result of experience and constant dedication in research, innovation and in-depth knowledge of Neapolitan espresso.

The skilled mix of fine Arabica and Robusta varieties then does the rest. This is how the blends, stored in aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso labeling machines, were born, designed to enhance the character of the finest coffee varieties and to interpret the different ways of enjoying espresso in Italy, from the north. to the south. “Roundabout“Is the harmonious encounter between Brazilian Arabica and Asian and African Robusta, the perfect balance between aroma and body enhances the expression of true Neapolitan espresso: creamy and with an important persistence, but never excessive. “Lively“Coming from the selection of the best qualities of African and Asian Robusta, skillfully crossed with each other to enhance their vital, lively character. The dark roasting and pronounced persistence give the palate all the flavors of the south.

Harmony“Is the magical meeting between Brazilian and Central American Arabica coffee, mixed with Asian and African Robusta, a perfect balance between aroma and taste. The blend is soft but never too sour, with a distinctive and unexpected body, a harmony of taste achieved by crossing only the best coffees of selected origin. The compostable capsule in biopolymer, which is already for sale in specialty stores and which will soon come in large-scale distribution, will also be presented at Cibus. The compostable capsules that are compatible with Lavazza labeling machines in my own way are made through biological processes that give the end product a high biodegradability, the filter paper top also allows a natural extraction of the coffee, which guarantees a “green” espresso, bar-proof . Another new entry: “New emotions of taste”, the range of flavored drinks, available in “capsule” systems compatible with the machines: Nespresso, my way and sweet taste.


There are four lines: junior is dedicated to the little ones, with no caffeine or additional dyes. While in the natural line, infusions, teas and herbal teas are the result of natural ingredients. Vita is the line that respects the “healthy” principles: low-calorie beverages without added sugar. The Capriccio line is the most classic and delicious line. Many innovations regarding the products, but not only, Caffè Borbone in Cibus renews the ritual of hospitality, which in Naples more than anywhere else is sealed with a good cup of steaming coffee. In fact, the stand, with an innovative concept, will be animated by tastings of desserts, Neapolitan street food and original performances that will highlight the values ​​of Neapolitan espresso, both as an emblematic drink of hospitality, social aggregator, but also as a unique ingredient for tasty food compositions and above all as a source of artistic and creative inspiration.

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The Caffè Borbone stand will host the award ceremony for the winner of the “Brunch all’italiana” competition of 50 top Italy, a project started last year with “The other face of tiramisu”, and which the company repeats this year with the purpose of supporting young confectioners and to reward ingenuity. In addition, the stand in connection with the launch of the new aluminum capsules will be the scene of a spectacular performance that promotes good recycling practice through creativity. “Buongiorno Borbone” is the tribute that the company offers its guests every day, with a reinterpretation of the famous Ischian double dough croissant by Cupiello, who has always been an advocate of Italian pastry. Every morning from 9:00 to 11:00, it will be possible to taste the Caffè Borbone stand, the Ischia croissant with fresh Cupiello mother yeast, based on cappuccino cream. The first day, May 3 at 11:30 a.m., Caffè Borbone presents at its booth Luigi Masecchiathe eclectic Neapolitan artist who will create a unique work “live”, where the recycled capsules will outline the face of a very colorful “Marilyn Monroe” of 1.40 cm x 1.40 cm.

14.30 it is the turn of the online chef, who will “give a taste” of the baked zeppola with coffee cream, a recipe made in collaboration with Caffè Borbone, during the tasting there will be a video showreel, where they, among other things. shared with guests the most delicious recipes from this synergy. On May 4 at 12.00 it is time for the award ceremony of the Italian brunch competition, a project devised by 50 Top Italy, in collaboration with Caffè Borbone moderated by the curators of 50 Top Italy Luciano Pignataro, Barbara Guerra and Albert Know. The first classified Matteo Dolcemascolo the owner of the sweetmascolo patisserie in Frosinone will dedicate to the guests a taste of the brunch at Km 0, a preparation that ranges from sweet to rustic tastes. On 5 and 6 May from 12.30 to 15.30, Cupiello presents to the public one of the most popular dishes of Neapolitan street food in the traditional “cuppetiello”. From 3 to 6 May at 18:00 Caffè Borbone will be present in the relaxation area of ​​Cibus, to share the “magical feeling” of the real Neapolitan espresso with those present and to end the fair days in the best possible way, thanks to the power-generating effect of a good coffee.

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