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Will there be an oil change? Let’s search for the right lubricant for our four-stroke engine using eBay and replace it safely

May 2, 2022

LThe health of our motorcycle’s engine also depends on the regularity with which the coupons or checks are carried out in the workshop; that four-stroke powertrains of modern motorcycles are generally not very demanding in terms of maintenance, also thanks to the remarkable qualities of today’s lubricants and the increasingly accurate internal treatment of the engine: for road bikes (in the case of specialized enduro bikes or track-ready motorcycles, the situation can be very different) it is not uncommon to have oil change intervals even every 12,000 km, but there may also be circumstances that may tempt you to replace the lubricant before the set deadlines.

THATFor example, imagine you are planning one long summer trip and already having driven 9,000 kilometers since the previous service: it would not be contraindicated to begin with “fresh” oil and risks not exceeding the maximum distances specified by the manufacturer, perhaps far from workshops and spare parts dealers; at least there is a group of enthusiasts who can not sleep at night knowing that the oil “already” has 6,000 kilometers and prefers to pamper your motorcycle unsurpassed and change it at high frequency.

Let’s be clear: if Builder’s house of the vehicle prescribes a certain range (of distance, but also of time) it does so with good reason and there is absolutely no technical reason not to follow its indications, the proof is the absolute reliability and longevity of virtually all modern motorcycle engines, if handled carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

C.change engine lubricant regularly – and control of its level – is therefore a rule basic to guarantee constant performance and reliability over long distances, and it is also a simple operation to perform alone but in case of doubt, even minimal, do not hesitate to contact us for official service or to a qualified workshopalso because in some cases it may be necessary to disassemble sensitive parts of the bicycle, such as covers, panels, protective devices or electrical and electronic devices: safety is not a joke!

If you read us often, you will have noticed that there is a way you can easily recover spare parts, accessories and everything that revolves around the world of motorcycles: it is called eBay, that marketplace which we can also use to find lubricants, filters and if necessary gear necessary for a healthy oil change.

The most suitable oil for your motorcycle

P.let’s point it out in this buying guide we turn to four-stroke enginesfor two-stroke lubricants, the lubricants are different and will be the subject of a future article.

Oil change should be made a engine – off, of course – hot (be careful not to get burned!): the more liquid oil flows better even from the gorges where it could build nests (if you can, tilt the bike during the oil change) and remove more residue and leave the engine cleaner. To the section Car and motorcycle find the item liquid oils and lubricants where you can choose the right type for your engine at the link engine oils for vecoli. Which one? Manufacturers clearly indicate the type (mineral, synthetic, semi-synthetic), the viscosity range (indicated by the abbreviation SO E) and quality (indicated by the abbreviation beginning with an S: SF, SG, SH, SJ… and so on to increase the quality level), and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your bike you ride safe; at least it’s good to remember Do not use lubricants with friction modifiers (oil bath couplings will be affected) always with products formulated specifically for motorcycle use, characterized by initials MA followed by a number.

Up eBay, to make it easy for you to select, you can click on “show all” (or use the search fields on the left) and then in the window that opens, select “use” and select “motorcycle” and then click on “apply”: only oils dedicated to motorcycles will be sent to you: easier than that … as you can see, the breadth of the offer can be almost confusing and you may also find bundle which allows you to make a purchase at the best price or again, browse by brand.

Engine oil filter

S.celto oil, it is absolutely essential to go ahead with the purchase of one oil filter: filling the crankcase with new lubricant while preserving the old filter is not recommended, both because some impurities would remain inside the engine and because replacing the oil filter allows you to replace a larger total percentage of engine oil (usually equivalent to a few one hundred grams more)). In this case, it is sufficient to go to the section on motorcycle spare parts, then to the item “engine and spare parts for motorcycles” and then “oil filters for motorcycles”, where you browse by brand or by compatible model is conveniently located the right filter for you; Did you know that there are also chrome-plated, to give an extra touch to the look of your bike? They are found using the search options!

The right tools

THAT Oil filters can be of two types: a cartridge and them and paper. If for the latter it is enough to remove a few screws to access the room where they are located, it is necessary for the former to have a specific tool to screw and tighten the filter in the seat. If you do not have one, no problem: you can go to the section “garage hand tools“Or, even more conveniently, write”motorcycle oil filter wrench“In the search box and with a few euros you get an easy life. There are several types including them tape, self-tightening or chain. When refitting the cartridge oil filter, it is recommended to lubricate the gasket with a little oil and avoid overvoltage, respecting the torque specified by the manufacturer. mesh oil filtergenerally on the parts of the drain plug: it should not be replaced, but only cleaned with a solvent and then dried with compressed air.

The same speech is also for magnetic cap oil drain (by the way: some engines have several drain plugs), from which metal residues must be removed and then dried. Last recommendation, to examine the used oil before it arrives give it – mandatory! – for disposal: if you find large metal flakes or crumbs or even worse pieces of springs or roller cages, have the engine immediately subjected to a thorough technical inspection before anything irreparable happens, it’s yours security!

Security that even in eBay community is always in the forefront: purchases made with credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay are guaranteed by EBay customer guarantee which protects against nuisances such as non-standard or never-arrived goods. But even before the purchase, the same system is off feedback that it is highly unlikely that a professional seller (there are many medium and small businesses, all over the world, who regularly sell on eBay) will risk gaining a bad reputation, which may in fact cut him off from the community.

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