Building a house without permits: when is it possible?

We immediately clarify thatpermanent installation of a housealso mobile, without concession It is a crime configured as illegal building.

The Consolidated Construction Act prohibits any kind of anchoring the houses to the groundalso furniture, without building permitunless it is one accommodation outdoors, equipped with a purely temporary connection.

This applies to any artifact that has an anchoring system to the ground and that comes located on a plot in a way durable.

It is useless to look for means to avoid some permits and circumvent the bureaucratic process. Mobile homes, like prefabricated wooden houses, should generally also be considered as one traditional form of construction and as such, it requires specific permits and authorizations.

That permission to buildas expected in traditional construction situations, it is also required for the installation of prefabricated wooden buildings, mobile homes, campers and caravans used as housing, jobs or department stores that do not meet need exclusively momentary and temporary.

The only cases where the law Italian allows there construction or installation of wooden houses without requiring permission to build are those in which the dwellings are intended to meet temporary needs.

If the house has one connection to the public network supply of energy and lighting or inside supply works for the long term, it can not be considered as a temporary structure.

Let’s see in what cases you can proceed, what the law provides, and how to avoid incurring the crime of illegal building using fines.

Prefabricated wooden houses without permits

What can we build without permission?

When we talk about prefabricated wooden houses, we often think that we can continue without a building permit. No more wrong! As with brick houses, specific permits are required.

Think that green building structures are freely buildable or that special administrative facilities are made available in this connection is incorrect.

Self for habitationSelf prefabricated houses, like traditionally built houses, are subject to the building regulations and cannot be built without a concession or on non-building plots. Both for mobile homes, for camper And caravan that permission to build when these, regardless of a stable connection with the ground, are intended for needs, of a type of dwelling, work or storage, for lasting character.

We also remind you that it is also important to know for what reason you intend to place the artifact. Yes:

  • -one private who owns one building site and where you want to place one mobile house must request same permits as if he were building one concrete house;
  • -one private citizen who owns one non-building plot can not place any mobile home precisely because they are equated with traditional construction, and such construction is prohibited on non-building plots.

As established by Art. 3 of the Consolidated Building Act, Presidential Decree of 6 June 2001, no. 380, we can therefore clarify it the only cases in which Italian law allows construction or installation of dwellings (in wood or other material) without requesting permission to build, occur when such houses are intended to satisfy need blot temporary .

Add to this the fact that the current legislation governing the issue of prefabricated wooden structures can not ignore the regional laws and municipal building regulations: each municipality actually has the opportunity to consider independently, and for this reason the premises of the rules vary greatly depending on the particular at the municipality’s area.

Prefabricated houses without a building permit

Build a prefabricated house intended for non-temporary needs without having permit documents and qualifications it’s a crime.

The only one hypothesis tolerated by law is the one in which I the following parameters:

  • the location of the prefabricated building must be within a “outdoor accommodation facilities“;
  • L ‘grounding must be temporary;
  • L‘authorization to carry out the activities must be in accordance with regional law;
  • there destination is “tourist”therefore, it must be occasional and time-limited.

However, as already mentioned in the previous section, the aspect regarding permits, projects and concessions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and there will be procedural and operational differences depending on the rules adopted by the different municipalities to which they belong.

Provisions on permits for wooden houses

Article 6 i Total building permit states that, with the exception of more restrictive provisions laid down in regional and urban planning instruments, and in any case in accordance with other sectoral provisions affecting the regulation of construction activity, and in particular the provisions of Legislative Decree No 490 of 29 October 1999, some interventions can be performed without the need to own housing titleor among others:

  • interventions relating to general maintenance or building interventions in connection with works repairing, renewing and replacing the finishes of buildings and interventions relating to the integration or maintenance of already existing technological systems;
  • interventions aimed at removing architectural barriers that do not involve the construction of ramps or external elevators or of artifacts that change the shape of the building;
  • finally it temporary works for research activities of the subsoil, of a geognostic nature and carried out in areas outside the built-up center.

For the purpose of our guide, let’s take a good look at this last point.

This type of works must be removed when their temporary needs cease. There is a time limit for them, and the law therefore allows construction without qualifications, where the work is intended to satisfy a temporary need.

But it is possible to get in againfree building, that is, all the buildings that do not need permission, a small one prefabricated wooden house?

We can say that small prefabricated wooden house (from 6 to 20 square meters approx.) falls within the scope of the so-called free building. For this reason, these structures need only a simple installation communication.

Let’s see how these are regulated small houses in Free Building Glossary.

Categories that fall under the free building glossary

As already discussed in our recent article, for this type of construction, it is good to refer to the glossary of free construction, contained in the Ministerial Transport Decree of 2 March 2018, published in the official gazette of 7 April 2018.

The text contains masterpieces that can be erected without the need to possess the relevant housing title, ie without need Cila, Wake And Permission to build.

To number 48 of the glossary, in the category “Play areas and interior elements of the relevant areas”is listed between the structures which can be built freely, create And Manufactured goods not stably attached to the ground; the text also talks about limiting dimensions that are not specified.

Therefore, even wooden houses; we are talking about small, big houses maximum 20 square metersused as sheds for utensils, firewood sheds and more.

The wooden house is from right size?

The legislation does not allow us to be extremely precise, it is not possible to determine exactly what it is the maximum size which will be accepted by each municipality of residence for the location of a wooden house in its own rooms.

Let’s say that in generalhave the different Italian regions and municipalities established a rule more or less commonly differentiate the structures that need a start-up notice (DIA) or a building permit (PDC), compared to those that can be built without any authorization.

That’s exactly why a small house is in wood of max 20 square meters it can be performed without too much hassle.

In any case, it will always be necessary to obtain detailed and in-depth information fromThe municipality’s technical office by affiliation or with the advice of a qualified professional technician, such as a surveyor, an architect or an engineer. That way we can avoid running into fines, sanctions or requests for demolitionthe Municipality must carry out supervision over time.

Between light artifactslisted in the glossary table, there are also caravans, campers, mobilhomes, both and the like. It is important emphasize that this type of installation falls under free construction only in the case of tourist activities; in case mobile homes (or campers, etc.) are to be used. housing needs or permanent you must request permission to build.

We end by saying that even when installing a small wooden house on your property, it will always be good and necessary to adapt to the discipline that your own Municipality has.

These authorities tend to interpret national law in a subjective way, based on their own territory, on landscape featuresat need for citizenship and consider other variants and specific factors.

For this reason, there is no possibility of expressing oneself in unambiguous or absolute terms with reference to a common discipline for the construction or placement of a prefabricated wooden house in one’s own space.

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