Baby humidifiers – the best products

L ‘dry air at home it is not healthy for anyone, least of all too young children, who easily suffer from allergies and respiratory infections in this way.

Especially in winter, when the radiators are on, it is quite easy to create dry air between the walls of the house, which can become heavy if left unchanged for too long. Therefore, to facilitate and clean it, the ideal solution is one humidifiera product that can prove to be really valuable in restoring the right level of humidity and purity of the air inside the home.

What is the baby moisturizer used for?

The baby moisturizer is therefore used precisely for change the air, which makes it lighter and adds some moisture. Self automatic the device detects when the air in the house is too dry, and releases water vapor. In case you have one manual humidifierit can be activated when the heat in the house is switched on.

Thanks to the humidifier, it correct humiditywhich will facilitate breathing in children as well as in adults, eliminating the risk of colds, allergies and other seasonal ailments.

Baby humidifier: how and when to use it

The humidifier is generally used in the cold season, when as mentioned, the heat in the houses is switched on, and should be activated when the temperature in the house exceeds 20 degrees. Of course, all this also varies depending on the degree of humidity in each room: in the living room it will of course be lower than in the kitchen or bathroom.

However, the humidifier is used not only when the air is too dry, but also when it is particularly humidconsidering that in such a state, with high humidity, the spread of bacteria and dust mites is facilitated.

The so-called humidifiers hot fog they are very good for fighting colds or allergies, but it is not recommended to place them near the mattress; in fact, an angle or at least a distance of at least a few meters from the bed is preferred. During the day, however, it can be left on the bedside table to moisten the air.

A hot mist humidifier can also cause burns if placed too close as it uses boiling water to create steam.

The humidifiers cold fogInstead, they are generally considered to be safer, which is why they can be placed closer to the bed.

There are obviously different types of humidifiers on the market, starting with them with non-electric evaporation, which are the simplest, devoid of any kind of technology. That hot and cold humidifiers also offers an increase in humidity. However, it must be said that the heat utilizes the cooking process, therefore they have a higher consumption, are noisier and require, due to the formation of limestone, a correct and periodic cleaning. They are probably even more effective, but slightly, than cold humidifiers.

Finally there is ultrasonic humidifiers, which uses the vibrations of the water to create a mist of moisture. Compared to hot models, they are not very noisy, consume less and guarantee better regulation of the steam flow.

What makes the difference when choosing a humidifier can undoubtedly be the integrated hygrometer, which can autonomously detect the humidity level so that it is always under control.

Finally, some humidifiers allow add essential oils or drops of balsamic lotionwhich will perfume the air, in the first case, or facilitate breathing, in the second.

Baby Moisture: The 6 Best to Buy Online

Here’s a small selection of the best baby moisturizers you can find on Amazon.

1. Chicco Humi Hot Advance Ambient Humidifier for Kids

Chicco Humi Hot Advance Ambient humidifier for children

The Chicco hot steam humidifier helps to restore the correct humidity level in the room, especially suitable for children’s well-being: the practical and safe cooking system ensures a healthier hot steam that helps relieve breathing difficulties; excellent in case of cough or cold.

44 € on Amazon


  • Autonomy of 7 hours
  • Automatic shut-off

2. DOUBFIVSY Child environment humidifier

DOUBFIVSY Environmental humidifier for children

The DOUBFISY 2 in 1 humidifier both as a humidifier and as an aroma diffuser, satisfies all needs at the same time! Just add essential oils directly to the water tank to enjoy the cool mist from the humidifier.

€ 20 on Amazon

€ 23
you save 3 €


  • Automatic shut-off
  • Tank with large capacity

3. Child environment humidifier

Child environment humidifier

The ultrasonic moisturizer delivers micron water mist at 2.4 million high-frequency oscillations per second to moisturize the skin and relax the eyes. The capacity of 300 ml is able to work for 6 – 10 hours (continuous / intermittent spray), enough for a room of 20 square meters.

€ 18 on Amazon


  • Small size
  • CE and RoHS certifications

4. Nuvita 1822 Ariasana cold steam humidifier

Nuvita 1822 Ariasana cold steam humidifier

Ariasana is a cold vapor humidifier with double activated carbon filter and silver ions. It has a rounded and minimalist design, a 2-liter tank and has a 24 month warranty.

€ 59 on Amazon


  • Dual filter
  • Large water tank

5. Arya HD Baby Humidifier

Arya HD baby humidifier

It is a baby humidifier with a button on the front, to regulate the intensity of the steam and has a capacity of 3.8 liters.

44 € on Amazon


  • Capacity 3.8 L
  • Automatic shut-off with insufficient water

6. 4.0L Ambient Humidifier

4.0L Ambient Humidifier

Ultrasonic baby humidifier, with 360 degree rotating air, triple filtration layer and is capable of running up to 24 hours.

59 € on Amazon


  • Release anions at the touch of a button
  • 3 spray levels to choose from

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