ATA rankings 24 months how to calculate the score. UIL calculator

Until May 18, the application for updating the ATA 24 month rating is available on Polis Istanze online. The UIL school has published some useful materials for the correct compilation. Among the tools available is the score calculator, which calculates access, culture, and service qualifications for each profile.

In the Excel file it is possible to insert the access qualification, any additional cultural qualifications, the service at a state school, the service at a non-state school, other state service and other non-state service, service in other administrations.

Score for the service performed

The service performed is calculated as follows:

  • 0.50 point pr. month or fraction exceeding 15 days for service provided in public schools;
  • 0.25 points for each month (or 16 days) of service rendered in non-state schools;
  • other service provided in a public school: 0.10 points for each month’s service or fraction of more than 15 days. Half score for service provided in non-state schools;
  • Other benefit for the breadwinner, farm worker and school employee profile is assessed at 0.15 points per. month.


We remind you of the requirements to access the ATA 24 Month Rankings

A basic requirement for inclusion in the permanent rankings of ATA staff is a seniority of at least two years. That is, 23 months and 16 days, even if they are not contiguous (fractions of a month are added together and calculated on the basis of a month every 30 days, and any remaining fraction greater than 15 days is considered a whole month) for places corresponding to the professional profile requested for access to, and / or in positions corresponding to professional profiles for the school’s state ATA staff area immediately above the profile for which one is competing.

What is meant by “profiles of the area immediately above”?

This means that: an administrative assistant or technical assistant or chef or nurse or Guardarobiere, in addition to being included in the professional profile for which he or she competes, can also be included as an agricultural worker or school partner because profiles are immediately inferior.

Other requirements

a) be employed as a fixed-term ATA employee in the public school in the same province and in the same professional profile for which one competes;

(b) the staff who may not be on duty at the time of application in the same province and in the same professional profile for which they are competing, shall not lose the qualification “ATA staff with a fixed period of employment from the State School”, as specified above; if it is inserted in the provincial order until depletion of the same province and the same profile (for the CS profile) and in the provincial lists for substitutes (for the profiles for AA – AT – CR – CO – GA – IF);

(c) the staff not in the conditions referred to in point (a) or in the conditions referred to in point (b) retain in this Communication the qualification “ATA staff with a fixed-term stay”; period in the public school “, if it is inserted in the third bracket of the club or school rankings for the allocation of temporary substitutes for the same province and the same profile for which one competes (AA – AT – CR – CO – GA – IF – CS ).

Among the entry requirements educational qualifications.

A) – Administrative Assistant :
1 – High school exam.

B) – Technical Assistant :
1 – Upper secondary school examination corresponding to the specific subject area.
The specificity referred to in point 1 is that defined, limited to high school diplomas, by the correspondence table of qualifications – laboratories in force on the date of the competition decree.

C) – Kog :
1 – Diploma of professional qualification of operator of catering services, the kitchen sector.

D) – Nurse :
1 – Nursing education or other qualification, which according to current legislation is considered valid for the practice of the nursing profession.

E) – Wardrobe :
1 – Professional qualification certificate for fashion operator.

F) – Agricultural worker :
– Professional qualification certificate of:
1- agrotourism operator;
2- agro-industrial operator;
3- agro-environmental operator.

G) – School collaborations :
1 – three-year qualification certificate issued by a professional institute;
2 – diploma for master of art;
3-graduate school for infants;
4 – any high school diploma;
5 – certificates and / or diplomas for professional qualifications, both lasting three years, issued or recognized by the regions.

24 month ATA competition, online applications until May 18th. Compilation guide with the Ministry’s frequently asked questions [VIDEO]

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