All changes to the Ukrainian decree to teach in schools in times of pandemic are all justified: it is up to the Senate to decide

There are all the amendments that Anief has proposed in the case published this morning on the amendments that the political groups consider to be a priority to make improvements to Decree No 21 of 21 March last, published in the Official Gazette Nr. 67: the requests, examined by the senators belonging to VI and the X Commission in Palazzo Madsama, intend to overcome the mistakes made so far in the management of the schools in times of pandemic.

Among the requests for amendment of the text of the so-called Ukrainian decree submitted by the parliamentary groups and all permissible results are: (36.10) Iannone (FdI), (36.28) Pittoni (Lega), (36.30) Rampi (Pd) for the involvement of suitable teachers in the merit rankings in the regular childhood and primary competition. Among other things, we highlight the changes from Senator Iannone (36.2) on Covid’s organic expansion, (36.4) appointments in the role of insecure workers from GPS, (36.6) Tfa opens up for insecure appointments with 36 months of service, (36.12) competition for titles for Catholic temps , as well as for Senators Pittoni (36.27), on preliminary interprovincial assignment, and Di Piazza (36.33) on the expected inspection competition.

Marcello PacificoNational President Anief: “The only thing left to do is to hope that the Commissions for ‘Finance and Finance’ and ‘Industry, Trade, Tourism’ understand the goodness of our requests. It is up to them to decide , whether the stabilization of insecure school workers is still being postponed, both because the European Commission is insistently asking us to do so and because the number of vacancies and vacancies has never been as high as in recent years. is reserved for historical deputies and qualifying courses, to provide free swab samples to all school workers and to go back to a school time, the number of students and institutions before sizing “.


All the amendments to the Ukrainian decree concern requests for amendments to Article 36, Title VI, final and financial provisions, entitled ‘Urgent measures for schools’: the purpose of the amendments proposed by the trade union is to facilitate the proper implementation of training activities and cost reduction for school staff, which has already been strongly demonstrated by Covid19.

Requests range from free tampons throughout the duration of the basic green certification requirement for access to school premises (is. 36.18 on. Iannone -FDI), to COVID organic extension to 2022/2023 pending urgent action on school sizes and the safety of buildings and classrooms, in order to counteract the phenomenon of classroom congestion and enable better functionality of educational institutions, it seems reasonable to extend this extra staff to the next school year (am.36.2 Iannone -FDI).

In addition, the union asked to respond to abuse of futures contracts by restoring the full functionality of history dual recruitment channel to respond to the collective complaint accepted by the European Committee of Social Rights n. 146/2017 and infringement procedure 4231/2014, which are still active today (is. 36.4 Iannone – FDI), as well confirmation of roles provided for a termination clause for teachers who have passed the probationary period for joining the PA and for the positive evaluation expressed by the collegiate bodies, without prejudice to the cancellation of notified measures (is. 36.5 Iannone – FDI)and to respond to the request for simplification of recruitment procedures with disciplinary test and recruitment directly from the GPS rankings (Am. 36.8 Iannone FDI).

It is considered appropriate to insert suitable in the recruitment procedure: as these are staff who have already passed all the competition tests, it is not clear why they have to be re-selected to gain access to the roles (is. 36.10 Iannone – FDI) and for the insecure staff of Catholic religion, in response to the illegality of the Italian legislation on the recruitment of insecure IRCs, decided by the judgment of the European Court of Justice of 13 January 2017, in case no. 289/2019 (is. 36.12 Iannone – FDI). In light of the enormous demand for didactic support and the lack of specialized staff, it is also desired that the course / competition at. TFA support it is also open to appropriate redundancies of previous choice or to staff with 36 months service on support (is. 36.6 Iannone – FDI).

Of course, it was also proposed to implement school sizeas well as for a better training and interpersonal offer between students and teachers, also in the implementation of a maneuver to limit the spread of COVID 19 (is. 36.7 Iannone – FDI). Also due to the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 it was proposed, for the year. p. 2022/2023, which permanent school staff can apply for preliminary assignment without provincial restrictions (at 36.11 – Iannone – FDI)as well as the ability to plan simplified approval procedures to allow professional mobility for permanent staff (is. 36.9 Iannone – FDI), strengthen the educational institutions and strengthen the professionalism of the staff who have served in the administrative management even during the COVID-19 emergency, such as the acting Dsga and the many who are waiting vertical professional passages (Am. 36.13 Iannone – FDI).

In order to optimize the resources available given the number of schools still in Regency today, it is reasonable to intervene to simplify the recruitment procedures for school leaders and ensure the admission of applicants in line with the calls from 2011, 2015 and 2017. applications and the principals responsible for a new one intensive course for placement in the roles of ds to settle the ongoing dispute before the administrative courts (is. 36.15 Iannone – FDI) and appeal to technical managers (am. 36.33 By Piazza M5S).

Finally, after discovering a situation of underfunding of public research bodies, it is proposed to grant resources for budgets of research bodies not under the supervision of the MUR and resources aimed at stabilizing temporary staff in accordance with 20 of Decree-Law of 25 May 2017, n.75, in order to promote and strengthen the professional development of researchers, technologists and technical-administrative staff in accordance with the procedures set out in the current system and of the National Collective Agreement (CCNL) of the EHR (is. 36.3 Iannone – FDI).

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