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Guest of Stefano Meloccaro And Benny to dinner, the most popular science communicator of the public, Alberto Angela.

“We work, on Saturday we go on the air with a nice section on Paris. When one goes to Paris, he takes to visit a whole range of places, coma Montmartre or the the Eiffel Towerwhich goes back to a very specific and precise moment, which is Belle Époque, then the end of the nineteenth / beginning of the twentieth century. And we will make a journey today in that era also through the paintings of the Impressionists, telling their stories and the incredible moment when there was a real revolution of habits. We still breathe that atmosphere when we go to Paris, so you will see us in holy places and in places that are even a little profane such as. Moulin Rouge, born during that period. It was a different era than the one that preceded it, which however ended badly with World War I, and there are many things that unite us at that time: carefree, the will to live, the desire to love and also ‘the art which frees itself from academia and becomes pure art. “

The secret to success

Alberto Angela: “Now I have to tell you the secret, I have to say that Italy is the only country in Europe which puts culture, science and history on the flagship network on Saturday in prime time. And it’s not so much thanks to those who do it, but to those who follow it, it’s a medal that goes to the spectators. The Italians are different from the English, from the Germans, they are the ones unable to perform these experiments, the assessments are a third, a quarter of those we do. Not only is the dish you have made good, but those sitting at the table know how to appreciate the taste “

Stephen: “But Alberto, it must be said that we have the world’s largest menu”

Alberto Angela: “Yep. Doing the same job in Finland is a little harder, but you would still be able to do it because curiosity drives you.”

Team work

“I have great respect for my colleagues, those who work with me and above all their professionalism. It is obvious that we have chosen people in gambissima, all the people who work with me from Gabriele Cipollitti who is the director, the writers, are very good in their field. I do not beak, I stand in front of the camera, do my things and then I trust. After the assembly, we clearly see everything. It’s important to create a group and trust other people, it’s like a football team where everyone does their job, I respect you and your job and when you’re free you will do better. “

A place that has not yet been visited

“I wanted to tell you the moon, space. There are more countries I have seen than those I have not seen, I miss a lot of Central Asia of the countries that end up in -stan. But to be honest, I focused on those who had a lot to say. There is one thing you never think about and that is the variables of the time, it is to go to a place and see it beautifully and then return to it and find it changed. A little trick for travelers is not to return to the places where they were happy. “

Coexistence with fame and charm

“This is a question that bothers me a little, but I have to answer honestly: I had not taken that into account. So it does not depend on me, but try to forgive it by performing a work of the highest quality, with great precision and great utility. As a popularizer, I say the content is important and not the form, I certainly accept it, but I try to get myself to forgive it. “

The export of its programs to the world

‘Yes, they are exported. Series like “Tonight at …“Was posted on Artè.”Wonders“It was shipped in at least forty countries,”Ulysses“a little smaller. The images used are purchased, but often there are copyright issues.”

A curiosity about Father Piero

“My father told me: ‘Do you know that, like Queen Elizabeth, I’m also celebrating my 70th birthday this year? I started working with the queen! ‘ I still have a lot of soup to eat, so we’ll see … “

The use of drones

“In this episode and the subsequent one about Neanderthals, there will be drones. There are two ways to use them: the first is to do things like fly over, the second is to use it as if it were a soundtrack or someone talking to you, ie. the way it moves, the turns it makes and the height at which it finds must give you information and must also follow the rhythm of the music. It’s a whole, it’s not random. I am so lucky to work with people who know how to ride well, behind it is a huge job, but above all there are good professionals. Sometimes I’m surprised too, it’s like the flight you want to make with your imagination. “

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