Admission to the new school competition, will the 24 points be integrated? What happens in the transition phase

As we expected, after publication in the Official Gazette of the Executive Order on Employmenton 36. 2022, from now on the qualification to teach in high school it will be played on educational points, the so-called CFU, in conjunction with a enabling path from 60 training pointswhich will be sealed by a final entrance examination consisting of a written test and a simulated lesson.

And after qualification? The competition, the trial year and entry into the role

After passing the final exam and obtaining the qualification, the aspiring teacher cannot be automatically placed in the role. In any case, the qualification must be followed by competitionin the way we have explained at this link.


Finally, as we have anticipatedtrial year for the winners of the competition. Passing the test year determinesentry into the role. In order to survive the year it will be necessary to perform the service for at least 180 days, of which 120 for teaching activities. At the end of the period, the test teacher staff is subject to one final test and to one assessment by the school principal on the basis of a survey conducted by the teacher guidance counselor. In the case of failure to pass the final test or negative assessment of the probationary period in service, the teaching staff is exposed to a second annual probationary period in operation, not renewable.

This is the standard procedure for placement in the role, this is what will happen when the Ministry of Education’s regulations come into force.

But the question is: what happens in the transition phase? And what fate befell the teachers who have invested (also financially) in the acquisition of 24 CFU?

The transition phase

The transitional phase is mentioned in Article 44 of Legislative Decree 36, in the part in which the article is worded 18 bis of change of Support bis (amendments to section 59 of Legislative Decree No. 73 of 25 May 2021, amended with amendments to Act No. 106 of 23 July 2021).

Here is what we read in this article 18-bis:

Transitional rules for access to the competition and for admission to the role. Until December 31, 2024without prejudice to the possession of educational qualifications necessary with reference to the competition class, those who have achieved at least 30 training points university students or academics from the university and the basic academic education referred to in Article 2-bis, provided that part of the university or academic credits direct practice.

In short, it seems that the Ministry, at least in a transitional phase, wants to allow those who have not yet achieved all 60 points to gain access to the competition, even from 30 points, including part of the competition. . practice.

What fate for the 24 CFU?

And who already owns the famous 24 credits? DL 36 does not mention it, but we remember that the unions are already flickering and threatening the strike, which is why the road in our opinion is impenetrable and full of obstacles and can be reserved. many changes .. It is certain that 24 points are few to ensure a teacher valid didactic-pedagogical competencies.

Let us therefore return to the hypothesis that the Ministry can, at least in a transitional phase, allow these credits to be integrated into those who have already obtained them before the reform enters into force. Who knows then that they might not be entered the competition, until 31 December 2024even teachers who, after starting their education course with 24 points, manage to reach the 30 with a lot of internships.


However, we remind you that the 24 points are still required to be admitted provincial deputieswhose reopening is expected very soon.

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