A basic psychologist in all Lombard community homes: the bill provides 12 million for the three-year period 2023-2025

Lombardy could have a basic psychologist in all community houses or the new structures of regional territorial health thanks to an allocation of 12 million euros per year for the three-year period from 2023 to 2025. These are some of the points in the text of the bill, which has as its first signatories Councilor Niccolò Carretta of Action and Councilor of Forza Italia, Simona Tironi. The presentation of the PDL, which took place today in Palazzo Pirelli, was also attended by Aurora Ramazzotti, who will testify about the initiative and who has the task of spreading the message to young people, those most affected by postal pandemic. mental disorders.

To say that it is the numbers. A study conducted by Bambin Gesù in Rome showed that during 2021, the structure recorded 100% of child beds in child neuropsychiatry and a 30% increase in self-harm trials compared to the pre-pandemic period. Also in 2021, the hospital experienced that admissions increased by almost 50%. According to the text of the law, citizens will be able to access the service independently or be sent by family doctors, pediatricians and specialists. This new figure will work in interdisciplinary teams with the network of specialized mental health services and counseling centers to offer timely, widespread and, above all, free psychological support.

“Our goal is that the text after the hearings in the Commission and the subsequent approval will come in the classroom in the regional council already in November, also because the financial coverage is for the years 2023-25 ​​- explains the councilor. by Forza Italia, Simona Tironi – There are still many preconceptions in the management of mental health problems, which have instead increased in the last two years ». The desire to create this new figure started with the approval of a proposal in January last year, proposed by the action councilor, Niccolò Carretta, who, however, saw the consent of all the political forces: “This can and must not be a struggle with a political color – Carretta specifies – and the greater sensitivity to the problem also stems from the pandemic: I do not know a family that, especially in the acute phase, has not had severe discomfort or stress, locked inside the house, hearing outside the window of our apartments only the sound of ambulance sirens ».

The goal is above all to prevent mental illness, by capturing the needs of citizens before the problems become chronic. Moreover, all this also determines a great saving in terms of social and economic costs to society: “An English study has shown that investing in psychology produces a chain of beneficial effects: in fact, by attacking pathologies and addiction early, action is taken not only on people’s welfare psychology, but costs are reduced, which would instead weigh on the national health system much more in the future – explains the president of the Lombardy Psychological Order, Laura Parolin – I think this service is a real revolution because it allows you to respond to what has been asked of Lea (essential levels of assistance), which also takes care of the psychological needs of the citizens. With this service, Lombardy promotes its level of welfare in the area ».

Aurora Ramazzotti’s choice to participate as a testimony to the initiative is also based on a personal experience that has made her very active for some time in raising awareness among young people about issues related to mental health: “In 2020, I met a 13-year-old who had attempted suicide several times. I was struck by the ease with which he told me he would not live any longer. I have seen in her an entire generation that has been affected by this pandemic. We must commit ourselves to listening to the young people, make them feel less alone and give them the opportunity to prevent situations that then become difficult to handle ‘.

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