15, 18 or more hours a week. Payment for extra hours

The high school chairs are set up with a schedule of 18 hours per week and taking into account all the hourly contributions that come from the complexes belonging to the same school, also located in different municipalities. Cases where the hours can be higher or less than 18 hours and assignment of teachers to the complexes.

Organic 2022/23

The staff in the educators’ autonomy as 2022/23, according to DI n. 90/2022, make up:

  • 620,256 common places, of which 2,247 places / hours brought home for teaching Ed. mobility in primary school and 8,741 intended for classes to constitute an exemption from the limits laid down in Presidential Decree 81/09;
  • 50,202 common places for upgrading;
  • 117,170 support posts, of which 6,446 reinforcement posts for support.

Here is the division by region and level of education

Establishment of chairs

That professorships of the high school must be established with a teaching time corresponding to 18 hours a week. If established with shorter time, they should be reduced to 18 hours.

The aforementioned schedule can be exceeded so that it is possible to establish professorships with a weekly schedule of more than 18 hoursonly to ensure unity in the teaching of a discipline within the same section.

In the note to MI n. 14603/2022, we remind you that pursuant to Act no. 107/2015, in each school autonomy only one branch of the upper secondary school has been identified in the first or second degree, of which any associated complexes are a part, even if they are located in another municipality. Therefore, in these offices professorships they are constituted by taking everyone into account hourly contributions from the same competition class that are present throughout the school’s autonomy (including those derived from the aforementioned plexuses). The allocation of teachers to the different locations is in accordance with the provisions of CCNI’s mobility hypothesis 2022/25 (see below).

Second grade after school

In the aforementioned note, it is clarified in relation to the upper secondary school that:

  • it is possible to create professorships with one hours under 18 hours per week, if it is not possible to reach this point even by resorting to another modular organization. However, these chairs can not have a timetable shorter than 15 hours per week;
  • to ensure the ownership of the teachers, chairs can be formed with one hours over 18 hours, which in any case does not exceed 20 hours per weekprovided that it is not possible to activate them according to what was said in the previous point.

We clarify this in case of professorships formed with 15 hours per weekthe three hours required to complete the chair and thus reach the compulsory teaching time (18 hours) are used to strengthen the compulsory courses for all students and / or to activate further teaching, aimed at achieving the expected goals of the PTOF .

We emphasize, as mentioned above, that the chairs with 15 hours per week can only be set up in high school.

Payment for hours over kl

In the case of professorships established with more than 18 hours, the excess hours (18) are considered for contractual purposes for the entire school year, ie they are paid until 31/08, as also stated in MEF circular no. 33247 of 04/07/2016 .

The circular distinguishes between legally established professorships with more than 18 hours (institutional chairs) and hours over 18, after allocation of time segments equal to or less than 6 hours:

  • for the first (professorships established by law with more than 18 hours) that excess hours must be paid until 31/08;
  • for the latter (excess hours available in the de facto staff) hours over kl. 18 to be paid until 30/06.

Assignment of teachers to the complexes

As mentioned above, in the case of schools with complexes in different municipalities, the principal continues to assign the teachers to the complexes in accordance with the provisions of the CCCNI Mobility.

In the light of Article 3 (1) 5 of the CCNI 2022/25 hypothesis, the school head, taking into account the general criteria approved by the school council for assigning teachers to classes and the teaching staff’s proposals, assigns teachers on the complexes in municipalities other than the staff:

  • ensuring didactic continuity;
  • according to the criterion of the highest score in the school ranking;
  • in accordance with the methods and criteria laid down in the institutional negotiations;
  • ensuring the priorities mentioned in Article 13 of the CCNI (for which, for example, it is not possible to employ a teacher in a municipality other than the assisted municipality if the head office coincides with the aforementioned municipality).

In the above-mentioned note, it is added to the above that the teaching staff in question can waive the hours allocated to another place, where in the adaptation to the actual situations additional time availability is created within a single place. The teacher in question will consequently take care of the entire teaching hours in the same place.

School staff 2022-23, 620,256 places, 2,247 for sports, 11 thousand for support. DECRET and PLACES TABLES [PDF]

School staff 2022-23, Ministry of Education operational indications for all grade levels and school orders. NOTE [PDF]

Primary motor education: 24,693 classes for 2247 places. Full number of employees for 2022-23

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