XXVI Day for children who are victims of violence and indifference to pedophilia

“Beyond the door to rediscover life”: is the theme of the day dedicated to children who are victims or at risk of exploitation and abuse, which is promoted annually in late April by the Meter Association of Avola, in Sicily. Over time, the initiative has spread throughout Italy and beyond. Locally organized meetings and prayers aim to raise awareness of a drama that shows no signs of abating. Don Di Noto: we want to “normalize” deviant behavior

Adriana Masotti – Vatican City

Sunday, May 1, ends XXVI Day dedicated to children who are victims of violence, exploitation and indifference to pedophilia. Initiatives with prayer, meetings, torchlight processions, various kinds of activities have been organized in Italy and abroad in recent days, starting from April 25, by schools and parishes to raise awareness of the need to protect minors from all kinds of abuse and in particular from pedophilia and child pornography. Numerous messages of accession received by the Meter Association onlus, which has its national headquarters in Avola, Syracuse, and of which Don Fortunato Di Noto is the founder and president. Cardinals Gualtiero Bassetti, president of the CEI, and Augusto Paolo Lojudice, metropolitan archbishop of Siena-Colle di Val d’Elsa-Montalcino wrote; the bishops of many Italian dioceses and then various associations and units undertook to spread the initiative, which enjoys the protection of the presidents of the senate and the chamber.

The theme: “Beyond the door to rediscover childhood”

“The door – reads a statement from Meter – represents a border, a passage, an opening, but also a closure, a border. You can decide to open a door and lock people into your home, but you can also decide to close it ., not to allow the other to know a part of you. Who to choose, who to know, who to involve in going through the door? “. On the occasion of the XXVI day, the ‘door’, which is the theme, symbolically represents the transit to rediscover childhood and preserve innocence, authenticity, carefree. With an invitation to all, adults and children, “to unite to push the ‘door’ that is sometimes heavy, sometimes rusty, sometimes noisy and other times broken, sometimes squeezed and insecure” to give each child who is a victim of “coming back from childhood”. Only together is it actually possible to “protect childhood, prevent and combat all forms of violence”.

Don Di Noto: Pedophilia, a phenomenon that should not be underestimated

“Commitment to the little ones – says Don Di Noto – is a shared responsibility between believers and non-believers: it is out of respect for the little ones that the world changes, from inhuman to human.” Sexual abuse of children, he says, is a “serious and destructive” dramatic phenomenon, a form of slavery that cannot be underestimated. Hans is a constant appeal to indignation for what it represents. Not for nothing is the day, which lasts for an entire week, talking about the fight against indifference to pedophilia as a task to be pursued.

Meter 2021 report

2021 has shown that the phenomenon of pedophilia is present on all continents, that there are no borders, as there are no borders on the Internet, a country without law, unfathomable, protected by the right to privacy. According to the Meter 2021 report presented on April 5, the centers where the servers are physically located, ie. the computers that host pictures, videos, chats, virtual communities of those who rape, abuse and sell, mainly located in America and in Europe, the richest continents. All in maximum speed and in the most convenient anonymity that allows pedophiles to mock the slowness of an increasingly inadequate right. Requests for help are growing, but Don Di Noto is actually condemning: We are fumbling, the law is slow and inappropriate.

The risks behind online gaming

From the report, a new frontier of risk emerges: online games, which involve children often playing with strangers whose age they do not know, games that isolate them from the family and the rest of the world. The operators and volunteers from Meter argue that it is not enough to block pages with pictures and videos of the abuse, but it is also and above all necessary to save minors from sexual exploitation. They ask themselves: what happens to the immortal children in the pictures? Were they able to tell and report the violence they were subjected to? Have they asked for and received help? For this reason, they insist on the importance of synergy between police and institutions at the international level to identify victims and help them get out of the abyss of abuse.

There is a cultural pedophilia

From pedophiles and users of child pornography sites, photos and videos with children aged 8 to 12 years are highly sought after, but immediately after, the range appears from 3 to 7. For some years, Meter has also identified a new phenomenon, ie. called infantophilia, namely the abuse and rape of children between 0 and 2 years of age. Often, the protagonists in the abuse are the immediate family members, even the parents. Finally, in the association’s report, we return to talk about cultural pedophilia, that is, the attempt to justify pedophilia, to defend it by trying to “normalize” it. It is a really structured and well-organized lobby, condemns Meter, which provides advice on how to entice children and indicates online sites where it is possible to find child pornographic content.

Listening to the victims, Meter’s commitment

Today’s initiative, launched 26 years ago by Meter, has over the years become “an important event that goes beyond simple memorial service to become a permanent commitment against all forms of abuse, pedophilia and child pornography committed against minors. “. Yesterday afternoon, April 30, a Mass was celebrated in Avola in the parish of San Giovanni Battista, led by Don Di Noto, in the presence of hundreds of children, teenagers and young people with their educators. “The fight against pedophilia must be hot, fiery, powerful. I thank you for giving me and all the other victims a chance to redeem, to listen and understand us, for having had the right amount of empathy, which is now foreign for many.Revolutions are not made in silence, but together and with voices in unison.The author of these words addressed to Meter is an 18-year-old girl, a victim of abuse at the age of 12. It’s just one of the votes that testify to the commitment that the Association for Children’s Defense has made for years.

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