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Boggio Lera Science High School was damaged by the rain that hit the city last fall. And even today, there are no classrooms. From May 2 to May 13, students will thus take classes outdoors

A symbolic story of the defense of the right to education that does not give way in the face of significant infrastructural problems. The story comes from Catania, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in southern Italy. In the heart of the baroque historic center of Etna city, in Boggio Lera high school, many classrooms are missing due to the collapse that occurred during the floods that hit Catania and eastern Sicily in the fall of 2021. Students will take turns taking lessons outdoor. Students, teachers and director Donato Biuso have repeatedly made their voices heard to make institutions aware of the serious infrastructural problem affecting their school, which has important implications at an organizational, logistical and didactic level.

But the problems continue. The collapse of the headquarters (located in via Vittorio Emanuele), by Liceo Scientifico e Linguistico Boggio Lera, took place on November 10, 2021. Since then and for several months, students and teachers have sacrificed many victims, alternately in different structures and also with father, waiting for the solution of the question. It is one of the most important schools in the province of Catania, whose headquarters are located in a large building that was the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, now a UNESCO heritage site. It rises in the heart of the Baroque, but has much more distant roots, as it lies in what was the ancient Greek Acropolis. Here arose the Roman Forum in Catania. An area of ​​enormous historical and cultural value. The Baroque-era residential complex that houses the school also bears visible signs of the architectural genius of Giovan Battista Vaccarini, who participated in the construction and design of the building (Catania was rebuilt several decades after the devastating earthquake of 1693 that struck Val di Noto).

Despite the awareness and the protest initiatives there are still many classrooms for conducting normal teaching activities. And in the period coinciding with May 1, school principal Donato Biuso announces that from Monday to May 13, from 8:15 to 12:15, a class at the science high school Enrico Boggio Lera from Catania will perform its rotation in rotation activity didactics on the west side of Piazza Dante, in the square in front of the university entrance. The initiative was adopted to remind the authorities and public opinion that the problems that arose during the collapse of part of the roof of the headquarters on 10 November 2021 have not yet been resolved. Director Biuso adds: Come written in our constitution, the right to education must be guaranteed.

The choice of outdoor teaching fell on Piazza Dante, where the famous Benedictine monastery stands (another UNESCO cultural heritage structure), which houses the Department of Humanities at the University of Catania. A temple of knowledge, to affirm the sanctity and universality of the right to study. In previous demonstrations, students, teachers and director Biuso had demonstrated against the institutional silence that emanates from the collapse of the roof at headquarters. It must be remembered that the collapse happened in the evening along the corridor, and fortunately at that moment no one passed under the part of the roof that collapsed, leaving a gap in the roof. This avoids more serious injuries.

The Biuso manager has repeatedly expressed his concern that due to the delays in the restructuring plan, we do not know whether the children will have classrooms next year. Boggio Lera Gymnasium has 1,600 students. There is talk of three years regarding the duration of the work. Structural interventions in areas of high historical-cultural value are certainly not easy. What students, teachers and school leaders demand has clear answers and that the right to study is ensured. The heavy rains and the real floods again suggest to students and teachers what is the issue of school construction, which in the south is even more problematic.

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