Vintage chandeliers, how to choose them for your home

Lighting plays an important role in the decor of a home in vintage style. First of all, it should be emphasized that a piece of furniture that is at least twenty years old is defined as vintage. The epochs to refer to it’s mainly the 80s and 90s, but furniture from different eras can also be mixed together.

But when you decide to decorate your home in the style of furniture styles from different eras dating back to the 1950s or even 1920s. One rule to follow to create harmonious environments is that do not mix furniture and accessories for different agesbecause it would only create confusion.

As already mentioned, lighting plays a crucial role in improving the home and must be designed plays on the contrast between diffused and direct light, alternating with strategy spots, lamps and chandeliers to ensure the right light in any environment. In the case of vintage chandeliers, how to choose the right ones? Let’s find ideas and tips on how to illuminate your home with vintage chandeliers.

How to choose vintage chandeliers for your home

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The pendant lamps in vintage style have a unique character and in addition to illuminating the rooms, they decorate them with originality and a touch of romantic nostalgia.

Without a doubt, the materials such as forged and machined ironthe oxidized brass finishes, which, when combined appropriately with glass, crystal or other materials, give a worn, embodied look.

For the kitchen, for the living room and for all other rooms in the house you can choose from vintage chandeliers by different sizes and shapesfrom innovative design but with the retro flavor that sets them apart.

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Chic and refined vintage crystal chandeliers are perfect for decorating your home and making it even more elegant. Among the highly coveted vintage crystal chandeliers are the Chandelier chandeliers, particularly timeless interior accessories that have come back into fashion to enhance the home with their presence.

Extraordinary for the play of light emanating from the crystals and available in different colors, allows you to create original effects in the rooms. Suitable for enriching the living room or living room in a vintage style, a Chandelier ceiling lamp adds the romantic touch that makes it even more fascinating.

Chandelier in glass ceiling

Unmistakable for their extraordinary color combinations, the cathedral and leaded glass chandeliers can light up any room with in special light games they emit and create incredible effects. The creations produced with stained glass they are very suggestive, and with the fragments composed of lead, the craftsmen give life to spectacular chandeliers.

The structure of the chandeliers, often made of metal or brass, is often patinated in gold and copper tones, which together with the play of colors that the glass creates, illuminates living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, entrances and the other rooms of the house with charm and charm. Wherever they are installed, the cathedral’s glass chandeliers provide a unique atmosphere.

70s vintage lamps are characterized by the significant volumes reminiscent geometric shapes. Chandeliers inspired by this era can have special forms and is often made of glass, treated or frosted, characterized by incredible designs and colors.

You can choose from a wide range of models both in terms of dimensions and geometries and ensure any environment a special light that highlights the decor in all their beauty. Among the models of vintage 70s chandeliers you can choose those that evolve horizontally and have multiple lights, great to be installed over a table, or the magnificent wrought iron or ceramic chandeliers that can illuminate any environment with the right intensity.

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Among the most coveted and popular vintage chandelier models for decorating the home, we find the drop chandeliers. Available in different sizes and shapesis characterized by a variety of ornaments and decorations in crystal or glass that make them perfect for decorating with dining rooms, lounges or romantic bedrooms.

Very decorative, enhance the environment with their exclusive design and have a structure that does not go unnoticed. Perfect to be put into modern surroundings, where vintage-style furniture is prevalent, they are rich in light and adorn in any context.

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Vintage design chandeliers favor cold materials, shiny, metallicheated by bright and often fluorescent shades, and they prefer curved, curved, elliptical lines. Exists design models that have become iconicwhich are still valued today for enriching vintage environments and represent a perfect solution to give a touch of glamor to any environment.

Ceiling chandelierssuspended, made in refined shapes, but with simple and clean lines is the perfect choice to add a touch of unmistakable personality to vintage environments.

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Made of different materials such as metal and glassthe industrial vintage chandeliers are characterized by the typical colors of the vintage style and have one attractive design to infuses charm and suggestions in any room.

These chandeliers are able to give your home a retro taste with a more modern taste and are perfect to combine with the vintage home to illuminate with taste and elegance. Among the many shapes and sizes suggested by the best designers, it is easy to find the right solution to illuminate the rooms and create the desired vintage effect.

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