The association Sabina Cultura Ambiente thanks its supporters with an open letter

Below is the open letter with which the Association Sabina Cultura Ambiente would like to thank all the supporters who have followed it in so many adventures in recent years:

“We write from the board of the Sabina Culture and Environment Association, born in July 2021 in Poggio Nativo in the province of Rieti. Our goal is: to rediscover the territory from any point of view, to enhance the historical and landscape beauties and to organize events and initiatives.

We hereby thank all those who have trusted us, we thank all our volunteers who have come to the fore and brought to new habitats of interest buried in years of vegetation or in total abandonment, all professional and commercial activities that has participated with a contribution, discount or donation of material that is useful to our purpose. We also thank all those who participated in our excursions, such as the Easter day trip outside the city: against all expectations, we had to close the reservations a week earlier than expected due to “sold out”.

Since January 2022, we are also part of the FIE Italia (Italian Walking Federation) and the FIE Lazio, which we thank for welcoming us to the Council. We also inform you that anyone who joins our association can also apply for membership of FIE, which includes accident insurance and entitles you to reserved discounts on activities organized by associations affiliated to it, throughout the national territory.

We also thank the municipal administration of Poggio Nativo, who through the signing of cooperation agreements has given us the opportunity to carry out our projects for the restoration of the old paths and monuments: from the Tomba dei Terenzi, an important burial monument that presumably dates back to the 1st. century AD to the suggestive Battifratta caves, a place of historical value where artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age and an object of interest from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, in particular the Institute of Ancient Sciences with Prof. Cecilia Conati Barbaro and with participation of the speleo-archeological group “Vespertilio”. We thank the “Ferruccio Ulivi” Comprehensive Institute of Poggio Moiano – Middle School of Poggio Nativo, who with the Pon Ambiente project involved us in knowledge of our territory, in this training experience for students and also for us volunteers. its purpose is to achieve awareness of respect for the environment, nature and diversity. We thank the Department of Antiquities at the University “La Sapienza”, in particular Prof. Cristina Lemorini, who together with the students of the experimental archeology course involved us together with the students of the primary school of Casali di Poggio Nativo on April 5, 2022 at the site of the archeological site Battifratta.

They recreated moments of life in the ancient prehistoric societies: from cooking, to tanning skins to produce clothes, from creating ceramic furniture to painting flour. FAI Sabina has also recently shown interest in us, and together we are planning new initiatives in the area.

With great pride, we participated in October 2021 and participate on 14 and 15 May 2022 in the Small Towns Festival, held in Rome in the suggestive park Villa Borghese by Legambiente and the Lazio region. Membership requests continue to grow, and we see in this a deep need for aggregation combined with the desire to rediscover the places of remembrance, not to forget the roots of a territory of great historical and naturalistic value, making it usable and accessible to all.

We invite everyone to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page, and anyone interested in our activities can contact us by email at “.

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