Sos childhood for the trauma of war. Tanks, helicopters, corpses

Sos childhood for the trauma of war.  Tanks, helicopters, corpses

Sos childhood for trauma Of the war. Tanks, helicopters, corpses and houses destroyed. The conflict in Ukraine as a monster it devour the dreams of the little ones. boys and girls run away from the country tell the devastating impact the war has on their mental health. Through a series of drawings, conveyed by Save the kids. According to the latest data, it is estimated that over 5 million people (including 2.8 million children) have left Ukraine since the start of the conflict. There are 2.3 million children who are still in the country. While more than 500 were killed or wounded. In nine weeks of war was only the Romanian border crossed by over 750 mile refugees.

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Childhood in war

Nine weeks ago, the first families from Ukraine started cross the border with Romania. And Save the Children has decorated a room suitable for children. In the largest Bucharest railway station. Transit place every day for thousands of refugees. This is a carefully designed play area. Full of toys and drawing stations. Rooms specially designed to accommodate children to be children again. After shaky journeys that forced them to flee their homes. And often too families and friends. It controls the space and provides psychological support experienced employees. Including psychologists and child protection experts. They help children a deepen their experiences. The children’s first drawings clearly highlighted the trauma they had suffered. And they try to elaborate. To report it is the operators of humanitarian organization who takes care of children in need.

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The anguish in the drawings

Hilda, 12, drew a woman in tears. Dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Next to a faceless gray soldier. While bombs fall from a plane. One child used a red crayon portray themselves leaving home. Mens en unidentified object falling from the sky. Yet another one drew two thoughts there scroll on the page. And there are those who have drawn two women. One of them is lying on the ground. The drawings document the horrors of war. Children arriving in Bucharest from Ukraine portray their homes. Or images that symbolize their arrival in Romania. Like 8-year-old Maryska, who braided the Ukrainian and Romanian flags together. With hearts and messages of support celebrates solidarity between the two countries. Arterm and Marynia, on the other hand, have drawn hearts holding hands. With the colors of the two flags.

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Exhausted and tried

“Thousands of families from Ukraine pass through Railway station of northern Bucharest every day. Parents arrive exhausted and worn out. Children are initially very reserved and quiet ”, says the head of Save the Children Romania, Gabriela Alexandrescu. “Our child-friendly space allows parents to rest. And to have access to essential goods. Like food, water. Translated information and hygiene articles. While their children play in a safe environment. And they can start to recover after the journey. And from the horror they witnessed, he adds. Besides space suitable for children at the north station in Bucharest, Save the Children has set up other safe spaces. And emergency distribution tents at the border crossings. In transport hubs. And in the reception centers in Romania, Poland and Lithuania. So go has been operating in Ukraine since 2014. By delivering humanitarian aid essential for children and their families. And it works through local partners to provide shelter, food. Money, fuel, psychosocial support. Kit for children and hygiene for displaced families.

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Fear of being abandoned

Save the Children psychologist Esperanza Leal Gil notes: “Children’s drawings are a means through which they express their feelings. About what they have experienced over the past nine weeks. Many of those there arrive at our room child-friendly in Bucharest are scared and terrified. And they do not know how to express these feelings. I am thoughts that can be very confusing. And difficult for children to elaborate on ‘. And he points out: “The child’s reaction depends on age. I’m there fear of being hurt or to be abandoned by the more common emotions they may feel. After living conflict and flighttheir feelings range from sadness to guilt. From anger to impotence for what happened“. These reactions are normal in this type of situation.” The most important thing is to offer the children one safe and secure space. Where they can express their fears and worries- specifies Esperanza Leal Gil-. Therapy of drawing and play helps the little ones get rid of stress and anxiety. After seeing things in Ukraine that no child should ever see. Every war is a war against children“.

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