Sirmione, there is conflict over the new regulation for cottages

Sirmione. A delegation of AIGAB – Italian association of card rental managers (, chaired by the National President Marco Celaniasked and obtained a meeting representing the property managers, the entrepreneurs of tourism in the apartment, which operates professionally in the market for short-term rentals in Sirmione Municipality, with Mauro CarrozzaDeputy mayor and councilor with responsibility for urban planning and private construction, in relation to the new regulation on the quality requirements that holiday homes and apartments must comply with in order for the Municipality to be assessed as suitable for tourism purposes.
According to AIGAB, the new regulation, approved in February last year, imposes more restrictive requirements than those provided for in the regional regulation, especially in relation to the minimum number of flats considered suitable to host disabled people and the number of necessary parking spaces.
The new measures stipulate that a holiday rental administrator must guarantee at least one disabled home for every 4 administered, “a rule that naturally limits – complies with AIGAB – without prior notice, the possibility of increasing the portfolio managed by professional operators, to the full advantage for those who manage properties in a black manner and without reporting “.
With regard to the number of parking spaces, the regulation has introduced the novelty, according to which the apartments managed over 55 sqm must have at least two private parking spaces, so that a couple or a family of 4 renting a house from 60 sqm with two. cars.
We also talked about what AIGAB claims as a further complication, namely the obligation to also present the viability certificate as part of the procedure for opening the CAV at the Municipality, where so far there is a self-certification based on documents issued by the municipality itself. , thus imposing an additional bureaucratic burden.
In the light of these measures, which have been launched without any prior confrontation with the operators of the sector, the AIGAB-Italian Association of Short Rentals Managers is asking first and foremost to remove the restriction for managers on the number of houses set up for the disabled.
“Although the municipality’s intention is recognized as profitable – says AIGAB – it must be borne in mind that the managers promote houses that are underutilized by their owners, and the alternative to professional management is submerged or non-use. To increase the number of homes that can used by people with disabilities, instead of limits, tax incentives are needed to adapt and make existing real estate assets functional, unused and at risk of wear and tear over time without the adequate maintenance that is needed. segment of hospitality with a call to sustainability that brings unused holiday homes back to life “.
As part of the discussion, which in any case was cordial and constructive and focused on the goal of increasing the number of tourists and improving the possibility of attracting standing guests in the area, the delegation led by President Marco Celani shared PriceLabs data processed by AIGAB after which 1300 holiday homes in the Sirmione area are present online against the almost 500 registered by the Municipality.
Finally, with regard to the new regulation on the number of parking spaces, AIGAB requests to limit the number of reserved or associated parking spaces requested to one and to streamline the bureaucratic process of opening the CAVs, as required by the simplification decree. favor the legalization and emergence of blacks.
Finally, the AIGAB Deputy Mayor proposed convening a new meeting with all the professional operators operating in the area with the aim of establishing a periodic discussion table to facilitate the sharing of data and trends and to work with the administration to define rules that are easy to follow. to follow in connection with tourism development goals in the area.

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