Praise to Gianluca Umiliacchi from the Ministry of Culture

Expert GianLuca Umiliacchi with the letter from the Ministry of Culture

In Forlì the ministerial positive feedback for the three peculiar cultural excellence – Fanzinoteca, Comics Library and Comics

FORLÌ – Arrived Forlì the letter of praise, directly from Special Secretariat for the Minister of Culture, for the expert GianLuca Umiliacchiin relation to the great voluntary activity put in place for the three exclusive excellences, namely the Fanzinoteca d’Italia 0.2, Alessandro Callegati ‘Calle’ Regional Comics Library and the latest Danteca Comics, the first is cultural and social uniqueness at national level, the second is regional and the third is international and in any case all local excellence. Following the recent positive feedback received, such as the mention of the event for DanteDì promoted by the comic book library in the minister’s press release and the donation of the whole series’Comics in museums‘sent by the ministry, here comes the letter that will clarify how “… Minister Franceschini has always paid close attention to contemporary artistic languages, and among these there could be no comics, an immediate and direct form of communication that has fallen in all its possibilities, from the popular to the very refined, through a synergistic set of professionalism …“. A confirmation, if necessary, of how the Fumettoteca and Danteca comics have a concrete and solid social cultural value is given by the following passage of the letter:”Preserving, cataloging, collecting comics means taking into account the history of our time and making it available to the public is even more commendable. The Minister asks us to greet all of you from the Fanzine Italiane.“Sorry if it’s a little. For information and clarification 339 3085390,

The month of April offered a number of more than positive feedback and accolades for the over ten years of activity of Fanzinoteca d’Italia 0.2 – National Center for Fanzine Studies, the only Italian fanzinoteca inaugurated in 2010, for Alessandro’s four years. Callegati ‘Calle’ regional comic book library unique in the Emilia Romagna region was inaugurated in 2019, and for the comic DANTEca a new project was activated last year but not yet inaugurated due to the limited space available. For the didactic comics, put in place since the inauguration of the realities, it is specified in the letter that the comics “… they played a fundamental role in the formation of a national language before the advent and mass proliferation of radio and television.”. In this context, the effort and energy expended gain legitimacy in the sentence “Even now, the wide range of expressions, from entertainment to art, make comics a means of communication that is always up-to-date and responsive to the demands of contemporary reality.”, nothing more clear and well-defined. Without a doubt, Forlì boasts cultural excellence that is becoming more and more exclusive and recognized by the local to the regional and from the national to the international, even by the same. Ministry of Culture who will have considered and assessed the great socio-cultural activity. A composite of exclusive and innovative proposals that the city of Forlì has boasted of for years, with unique initiatives and events in their context and also with educational commitments, such as free external assistance for dissertations, comics courses and much more, in addition to social as a generic support for young women ‘Protected categories‘.

These feedbacks are not only positive, but also, if understood, able to make this reality not only an added value for the city of Forlì, but rather what can make the difference, and the Ministry of Culture gives us some confirmation. The great commitment of the staff for years has meant that the limited and contained places have offered the citizens of Forlì an increasingly articulate offer, strengthened by a unique professionalism and seriousness. For local culture, this uniqueness in the purpose has valid numbers, the Ministry of Culture’s submission is a confirmation that can clarify how the exclusive organization arouses involvement and satisfaction, and not only at the local level with high participation.of young and old, to the proposed initiatives , a unified, playful and educational resource for children, a resource for all citizens, a place of study and meeting, an open and collaborative space of public interest. The great commitment and significant work required, more than can be imagined, for the management of this exclusive and atypical socio-cultural reality, is carried out by the members of the Comics Library staff, members and volunteers, solely as a voluntary commitment. Alessandro Callegati ‘Calle’ Regional Comic Book Library, National Center for Fanzine Studies – Fanzinoteca d’Italia 0.2 and Danteca Comic Book with support from Ca’Ossi District Committee and KulturLeningen 4Livecontinues with the opening of ‘Library of Fanzines / Tegneserier / Danteschi‘, also open when other libraries are closed. To know the initiatives in detail and ask for information 339 3085390, – ​​

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