new places for teaching activities for children

That outdoor teaching activities under the “Pollicino Verde” project conquer new places in Florence and they come to offer more than 50 activities, stories and workshops for girls and boys aged 0-6 years and their families in 28 places.

From Villa Bardini to the Irishaven, from the painted gardens to the Conventino passing through the Villa il Ventaglio park, from the nursery to the Istituto degli Innocenti, the Bardini and Novecento museums and the wafer library: in Florence, outdoor activities will flourish in public parks, libraries and civil museums organized by the Department of Education led by Sara Funaro in collaboration with the five districts.

2022 edition of “Pollicino Verde” starts on May 7th with a new and rich teaching offer, completely free for families, involving the staff at the municipal infant centers and schools in collaboration with associations, institutions, 3rd sector and the supervision of the municipal pedagogical coordination 06. Activities they end on June 18.

“Pollicino Verde” is a package of educational experiences made by traveling readings and in different languages, different types of workshops (music, discovery of the environment and knowledge of aromatic herbs), green activities in the garden, interactive music performances, animated stories and treasure hunts, but also movement games and meetings with art.

“This year’s edition of the Green Thumb grows and is enriched with new and beautiful symbolic places in our city – said Education Councilor Sara Funaro – where children and families can enjoy quality educational opportunities conceived and designed. about their realization in a network perspective.In our infant centers and kindergartens, outdoor teaching is a daily practice, we focus a lot on outdoor teaching because we believe that one of our tasks is to sensitize the new generations to have a friendly relationship with nature. We strongly believe in the importance of children’s contact with nature from the earliest years of life and in the spread of an environmentally friendly childhood culture ”.

“With Pollicino verde, this year we are offering an even bigger and more beautiful outdoor education opportunity for families and children in our territories – said the presidents of the five districts – who precede and want to accompany the summer centers”.

In this year’s edition of the ‘Green Thumb’ project, there are new collaborations such as Villa Bardini, where the traveling readings ‘I sassolini di Pollicino’ will be held in the park; with The Cherubini Conservatory at Villa Favard in the activity ‘Sounds green’ (play / musical path for children from 0 to 6 years); with Painted gardens whose staff will be engaged in the laboratory “Aromatic herbal tea” (it is an immersion in the aromas and properties of aromatic herbs); with Conventinowhere the animated story and workshop ‘Emy ei Girasoli’ takes place and with Iris Have where the initiative ‘Small stories waiting for sunset’ will be staged. These collaborations are accompanied by other confirmations like the one with Muse committed together with the Florentine civic museums a Palazzo Vecchio in the initiative ‘The Painted Nature’, al Twentieth Century Museum with ‘A horse goes to a museum’ and al Bardini Museum with ‘An adventure pig’. By Boys’ farm the workshop “World explorers in search of details will be held, al Boschetto at Villa Strozzi readings in different languages ​​entitled ‘A story, many languages’ (project in collaboration with the Florentine libraries) and onThe Institute for the Innocent out to green activities in the garden.

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