Husqvarna Svartpilen is one of the names that makes motorcycle enthusiasts’ eyes shine, but eMTB enthusiasts will say a little, but from today, Wednesday 27 April, with the arrival of the brand new ebike Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 2022 it will become very familiar because the two worlds get even closer.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022

The new pedal-assisted mountain bike from Husqvarna e-Bicysles, which has been part of the Austrian group Pierer Mobility since 2018, takes part in its innovative design of the brand’s most iconic bike, the Husqvarna Svartpilen. New frame, new engine position and extra large battery, Mountain Cross MC6 2022 with an unmistakable design goes further.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022

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The new Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 2022 have truly revolutionary lines, at first glance we understand that this new e-bike is something other than what we are used to, a bike that takes us directly into the future and represents a real turning point to show us what they will be pedal assisted. mountain bikes from here.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022

It is no coincidence that the engine is located parallel to the battery, a technical choice that we had already seen on Canyon Spectral: ON, changing the maps in the electric off-road world by offering designers the ability to move the masses and improve the balance of e bikes that they can have larger batteries and smaller dimensions.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 - engine - battery


The Mountain Cross MC6 2022 project, launched today, Wednesday 27 April, by Husqvarna e-Bicycles, was born in 2019, practically shortly after the Swedish company was absorbed by Pierer Mobility. The Austrian mega-group not only deals with the manufacture of motorcycles, but at its headquarters in Munich it also boasts a planning and design office where the new e-mtb was designed. The new Mountain Cross MC6 2022 comes from the union of these two realities, the motorcycle industry’s production experience and an advanced product design study.

The engineers created a prototype to find the best balance between the weights and the best geometry to create an e-bike that is capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding motorcyclists. Once the geometric square was found, the design department came into play and created from that base a unique structure, different from anything else and destined to become iconic.

As they say in Husqvarna: “We are sure that it will be a design that many will love, but also that many will hate. No one will certainly be able to say that they have seen a bicycle that looks like the Mountain Cross ».

The goal was to place the cyclist as much as possible in the center of the bike and at the same time make sure that the bike’s center of gravity is as low as possible, to create an easily controllable, agile geometry, but above all that makes you with it same feel a lot of confidence in the motorcyclist. But the idea was also to bring more weight to the front to provide more grip and control to improve the ability to tackle climbs.


The frame of the Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 2022 is made exclusively of high-modulus carbon fiber, except for the swinging elements at the rear and the shock absorber joint.

What makes this structure unique is a line that makes it divisible into 3 parts: the front main part, which is also characterized by the white color, is based on the presence of two parallel oblique lines, which are just two tubes (the sloping and another smaller tube, parallel to it), which reflects the style inspired by the Black Arrow.

The shock absorber binds to the front and passes through what we could define a smaller downpipe, with a very special design, it is the central part of the bike that culminates with the engine Shimano EP8tightened precisely by the two slopes.

The saddle knot is instead created by a semi-frame that does not play into the distribution of forces, while the carriage uses a 4bar shock-absorbing system with Horst joints, designed to provide maximum swallowing sensitivity, even with a fairly high antisquat to do the mountain cross very pedalable and responsive.


The choice to create a mullet bike came almost spontaneously, we remember that the motorcycles’ chassis is largely based on the combination of wheels with different diameters and Husqvarna knows this well. The new Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 2022 therefore mounts a 29 “front wheel and a 27.5” rear wheel.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022

The rear piece has a low value with 445 mm elongation, which allows agility and stability, combined with a steering angle of 65.5 °, which together with the 29er front wheel provides more safety and precision at the front, leading to a wheelbase (wheelbase) abundant but not huge, to make this emtb drivable both uphill and downhill. A multifunctional model whose character is also confirmed by 150 mm rear travel combined with a 150 mm fork. The BB drop is 20 mm. A 77 ° angle has been assigned to the seatpost for perfect pedal efficiency.

In the Husqvarna E-Bicycles, they have also focused on the comfort of their Mountain Cross 2022 and on uphill riding characteristics, a goal they have decided to achieve by holding the front a little higher to raise the rider’s position. Mountain Cross MC6 is not created for racing use, as it is an eMTB designed especially for long excursions and fun in the mountains, the driving position must be as comfortable as possible.

720 Wh battery on Husqvarna MC6


The new Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 2022 ebike uses the “soft power” of the engine Shimano EP8, therefore with 85 Nm of torque, combined with the reliable power unit there is a 720 Wh battery. It’s actually not a standard Shimano battery, but developed entirely by Husqvarna E-Bicycles.

720 Wh battery on Husqvarna MC6

The aspect that they primarily focused on was protecting the battery from vibration and shock, one of the main reasons for the malfunctions of the electronic components on the e-bikes. To avoid this effect, Husqvarna E-Bicycles have placed “shock absorbers”, or rather, liners in insulating and dissipating material, at both ends of the battery, so that vibrations and shocks first pass through this material and then reach the cells. which are thus less stressed.


The battery is inserted from the lower part of the downpipe and is located parallel to the Shimano EP8 engine. This makes it possible to keep the center of gravity of the Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 as low as possible, which improves the driving feeling.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 - Shimano EP8 engine fender

To allow you to insert the battery under the bottom bracket, Husqvarna E-Bicycles has placed a door that opens through a screw. The battery is connected to the engine with a connector that is protected just inside this door to leave the electrical connections away from dirt and water.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 - battery

To recharge the battery, you can either remove it and charge it away from the bike, or you can use an adapter and connect the cable directly to the battery stored in the tube so that no external connectors get dirty, wet and causing problems. All the electronic part is protected inside the frame thanks to the presence of a lower door.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 battery extraction


To make the bottom bracket part firmer and protect the Husqvarna engine for the Mountain Cross MC6 2022, he created a motor housing detached from the frame. The motor is screwed onto this metal support, which also acts as a lower protection and then applied all over the frame. This increases the rigidity of the structure and the protection of the motor itself.


One of the main features of the new Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 2022 ebike is the presence on the main tube of a perforated front surface that allows the electrical components to cool.

This is not a stylistic habit to recall motocross bikes, but a technical strategy that allows cold air to be transported inside the downpipe and therefore cool the battery and engine.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 - air intake

During the ride, the air enters the tube and cools the electronic space, but even when the bike is stationary, the hot air that is physically brought up finds a kind of “chimney” to flow up and out of the front grille, thus leaving the engine less hot. Passive cooling, as Husqvarna told us.


The choice of using a sliding battery and placing the engine parallel above it also conditioned the placement of the shock absorber, which is no longer vertical but moves to a horizontal position in line with the top tube and as can be seen, despite the passage inside a smaller sloping opening there is still room for setting up the shock absorber with Piggy Back.

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 shock absorber

Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 - shock absorber


The new Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 will be available in 3 different models, MC6 represents the top of the range, with it there will also be MC5 and MC4, while there will also be two “light” versions (with reduced excursion) that come to be called LiteCross with 120 mm travel.

Husqvarna is now presenting the new Mountain Cross line, but this will be available in stores from the end of 2022, while we journalists should wait until September 2022 to be able to test this new and interesting eMTB.

The prices are also very interesting because the top of the range of Husqvarna Mountain Cross 2022 will have a price of just under 9,000 euros, for a set-up that usually many competitors offer around 12,000 euros.


Engine: Shimano EP8, DU-EP800, 250 W, 85 Nm

Drums: Core S3, 720 Wh, 36 V

Screen: Shimano SC-EM800, LCD monitor, ANT, Bluetooth

Fork: FOX Float 36 Factory, Grip 2, Air, 150 mm

Shock absorber: FOX Float X Factory, Air, 230×62.5 mm

Exchange: Shimano XTR, RD-M9100, Shadow Plus, 12-speed

Crankset: Shimano FC-EM600 with Husqvarna 34t chain ring

Gear pack: Shimano CS-M6100, 10-51h

Brakes: Shimano BR-M8120 4-piston with 203 mm discs

Steer the stem: Husqvarna 35, 0, Ahead

Steer: Husqvarna Riser 35 mm, 780 mm, Sweep: 8, Raise: 18 mm

Wheel: DT Swiss HX 1700

Tire: Schwalbe Nobby Nic, Evolution, 29×2.4 “front and 27.5×2.6” rear

Saddle post: Husqvarna Pro, 31.6 mm, Dropper Post

Saddle: Husqvarna MTB

Colour: Gray


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