May 7 in Serramazzoni Malbiamoci – Culture of Malbo Gentile

On May 7, 2022, he made his debut in Serramazzoni Malbiamoci – Culture of Malbo Gentile, cultural event organized by Pro Loco di Serramazzoni in collaboration with the Hotel and Catering School Serramazzoni and with the participation of Slow Food Terre del Frignano. The day is aiming for promote and make known a wine still little known and of great value, the malbo gentile, registered in the National Register of Vine Varieties in 1995, the origin of which is still much debated today. That malbo, with its black berriesis mostly used in blends for the production of Lambrusco, and is characterized by a high sugar value, but its versatility makes it ideal to be used alone for the production of both quiet, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines, and also of passito, and is often used for production of sweet wines.

Let’s get sick it is intended as a real container that unites the sensuous part with the cultural, and offers a taste for the rediscovery of the territory and the wonders it offers, both in terms of food and wine, history and tourism.

In the part dedicated to conferences, thanks to short but sharp interventions carefully chosen, history and stories related to the gentle evil will be gathered. In fact, he is the main character who will show himself in his various facets thanks to numerous professionals who will intervene, moderated by the author and sommelier Eliselle: From late morning to evening there will be expert agronomists, oenologists and winemakers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, sommelier and teachers who, thanks to their continuous and constant in-depth work, have transformed an almost unknown wine into a gem to be discovered.

In the first part, from 11 to 13, in the conference room, the cellars Società Agricola Cantina del Frignano, Azienda Agricola Ca ‘Bora, TerraQuilia, La Piana Winery and Azienda Agricola San Paolo will be guests who will tell about their experience with the vine. There will then be an interlude with the poet’s dedicated verse Luca Ispaniprelude to another round of theme conferences from kl. 14 to 18.00 together with the entrepreneur Maria Chiara Venturelli, who will talk about the challenge “Wine and tourism”, to the coordinator of Modena Women of Wine Emilia-Romagna Milena Ferrari, who will talk about the project “D-wine and culture”, to the agronomist Stefano Meglioraldi, who will talk about “Malbo Gentile, an ancestral wine”, to the expert Silvio Mantecchini, who will describe the sensory impressions of the gentle malbo, and finally to the winemakers Matteo Verri who will talk about his project “Perseverance”.

Numerous wineries will be present at the event, each one bringing his own personal interpretation of the gentle eviland will animate the sensuous part with tasting routes: it will therefore be possible to taste the production of TerraQuilia, Venturini Baldini, Podere Saliceto, La Piana Winery, Randi Agricultural Company, Cantina del Frignano srl Agricultural Company, San Paolo Agricultural Company, Ca ‘Bora Agricultural Company, Denny Bini’s Cipolla Podere, Fantesini Winery and Perseveranza Winery.

Of course, present the gastronomic part: Food Corner by Slow Food, which will present snacks with typical products paired with wine, such as crescentine, bread, cheeses, meats, honey, jams and more. The market will see participation of Farina del mio Sacco Farm, Antica Bottega di Camatta, Santa Rita Bio Social Dairy 1964 and Ca ‘de Frà Farm.

For the restaurant part, everything is entrusted to the boys in the prestigious Serramazzoni Hotel and Catering School, which from 12 to 15 will delight the palates with their educational restaurant: each course will be chosen in combination with a different disease. The students in the fourth grade contribute to the event by also taking care of the preparation and serving of some wines. This will be a formative experience of great importance to them.

Reservations for lunch are required by calling 0536 952235.

Pro Loco Serramazzoni thanks IAL Emilia-Romagna for supporting the initiative, Serramazzoni Hotel and Catering School for the location and collaboration in the project, Slow Food Terre del Frignano for its contribution to the gastronomic space.

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