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from Goffredo Buccini

General: “The Mafia is wondering about PNRR, but we are ready. The weapon is an expression of this company. Cucchi is not a serious matter, it’s much more “

General Luzi, you are the commander of the carabinieri in an unprecedented moment, first the pandemic and now the war. Which Italy do you see in three pictures?

“Great concern for insecurity. Confidence in institutions, but without enthusiasm. And yet desire for that enthusiasm.”

That is, the Italians will believe it.

“Yes, there is a great desire to see something grow that gives the impulse.”

Teo Luzi he is a carabinieri with a shrewd social gaze. From the command of Viale Romania he leads 108,000 men spread over 5,400 garrisons: an extraordinary observation point on a country accustomed to daily emergencies.
How have we changed in these two and a half years?

“The pandemic was unpredictable. Three months of social fear, closure. Then the fear became a concern until we got a pinch of optimism. But last summer I said 2022 could be one of the most difficult years in Republican history.”


“The pandemic had already widened an economic divide between social classes which, if mismanaged, would also have brought some concern to public order. Then there were other factors, linked to the growth of the National Reform Program, with some difficulties associated with the public administration, which were not very effective. Finally, a long election campaign was over us, which would have created another imbalance. But the Italians saw the exit from the tunnel ».

They were wrong …

“The war has thrown them back into the abyss of worry.”

With what reflexes? Between the energy crisis and economic consequences, are our cities in danger of a flare-up of insecurity in the autumn?

“None. Public order in Italy held. We did not have phenomena like the yellow vests …”

What about the attack on CGIL?

“I said, except for sporadic episodes, that it’s a street accident. But we have not had large numbers. The system stopped.”

In another Italy in crisis, that in the seventies, people were robbed of restaurants.

“It’s not going to happen. The crime analysis situation is better today than it was twenty or thirty years ago. The murders throughout Italy are almost half of them in New York City alone. However, that does not correspond to the perception of security among the citizens.” .

Depends on what?

«Media factors, lower reliability of the state system compared to citizens’ expectations. But I repeat, today it is much better, the murders of organized crime are very few. In Palermo, there were once 350 murders a year for the mafia ‘.

Does this decline also depend on organized crime taking over a business?

“Of course less territorial and more entrepreneurial”.

But has attention to the phenomenon become less?

“Our attention has not fallen or the attention of the judges. Public opinion has certainly been focused on Covid and now on Ukraine.”

You said the fight against the mafia is cultural.

“The legal aspect is important because it cuts the malaise plant. But the roots are social. The cultural aspect is important. In Sicily or Calabria thirty years ago, the word mafia could not be said. Now the kids talk a lot about it. And the state must respond effectively ‘.

Let’s stay with the boys. During the pandemic, you analyzed the social component of violence among young people.

“During the pandemic, moments of aggregation and reference points failed. The network has united, leading to the birth of baby bands that are not new, but with the pandemic they have increased, like rapid aggregations. They do not perceive the negative value of their behavior. They attack and put the video online … ».

What are you doing?

“It’s not just a police problem. We need to create alternative gathering centers, culture: we go into the schools, we talk to the children ».

Can discomfort create separate enclaves in the suburbs?

“There are problems, but we have no banlieue. Of course, the second generation is more restless than their parents.”

Would that help simplify the path to citizenship?

“Under certain conditions. It’s not only a legal problem. But of knowledge of our language and our culture. We also remember that in ten years we will be two million fewer with this birth rate.”

THAT returned home from Donbass could they be a danger, like the jihadists from Syria?

impending warriors
Islamists have a religious belief that a large number lead to forms of terrorism. There are 21 Italian warriors in the Donbass and we know them one by one: nine for the Russians and twelve for the Ukrainians, they come from the far right and extreme left. They are exalted. But to date, there is no terrorist risk. “

Why, in your opinion, has jihad not hit us?

“We are not intolerant, they do not perceive us as enemies. And in fact, the cooperative relations with the Islamic communities are one of dialogue: moreover, it is those who have pointed out to us ‘unwelcome’ subjects who have made propaganda and have been expelled.”

Let’s go back to the mafia. Are they aiming for PNRR?

“It seems to me that there are interests. But I am optimistic, we have the most advanced regulatory framework in Western countries, prepared investigative forces. They have the ability to react, we have, after all, paid for it on our skin in the past.

Do you already have concrete signs that the mafia is aiming there?

“Yep. Investigations are underway. It’s inevitable.”

Deaths in the workplace are too many and rising.

“This is something very serious for a civil society.”

Are you checking?

“We have increased them. The crisis has caused many companies to lower their attention: security has a cost. But 50,000 fines can be imposed, which brings companies to their knees and there is no way around it: it is the company that needs to pay attention. and train ».

European defense: a utopia?

“I think it needs to be done. I speak as a citizen. Europe needs to take a qualitative leap, not only in defense, I also think in foreign policy.”

Italian society is experiencing a marked decline in values, a dark evil that affects everyone. Does it also touch the weapon? Is the Cucchi case the most serious story of a major phenomenon?

“We are an expression of this society. Cucchi is not a serious matter, it is much more. It does not have to happen. We have learned from mistakes. But we have our own identity, the institution believes.”

I talked about ethical and moral stability. Out of 108,000 men, is the loss of values ​​a risk?

“The loss of values ​​is there. In society. Guys have no references. The weapon has values ​​as it instills in its young people. We have introduced military ethics to our schools for four years. We are in the hearts of Italians. Unlike politics, which for some time has lost its luster ».

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