How to choose the floors for your home: expert advice

What are the best floors for interior and how to choose the right house floors to any environment? Especially in the case of House renovation you can ask yourself these questions. Then it will be very helpful for you to read this guide to choosing floors for the home with expert advice and the latest interior design trends.

To choose the floors of the house, the balcony or the garden First of all, it is necessary to remember the specific characteristics of each environment, and then you can take a look at interior design trends regarding materials and colors. If you are considering installing underfloor heating, by using both tile and parquet. But let’s now read together style tips and expert tips to help you make the right choice.

How to choose the color of the floors

In our in-depth study regarding how to choose the colors of the floors at home Find lots of ideas and advice from experts who will guide you to choose the best solution for your needs. Because, we remind you before laying a floor, you need to take into account the size of the room, its exposure, the style of the furniture, the color of the walls and also the height of the ceiling. So once you have chosen the basic colors, you can always let your imagination run free decorating floors with stencilsfor example, creating color games or elegant floral motifs.

Resin floors pros and cons

THAT resin floors they are also increasingly used in private homes after their first use in industrial environments. The reasons are many. In fact, in addition to being able to choose from many colors and combinations, they guarantee the possibility of covering the existing floor without carrying out demolition work, a bit like for blanket. Then it is waterproof, it is an easy to clean material, it is particularly resistant to abrasion and above all it allows to create special aesthetic effects. Experience the limitations or the positive aspects of resin floors in our specialty.

Polished concrete floors, trends

polished concrete floors
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Among the various concrete floors to choose from to furnish the interior of your home in polished concrete floors has gone into the trends of recent years, especially in the field of renovation. The benefits of this type of flooring are different, not only aesthetic but also practical and cost effective. Our guide is worth reading to learn what types to choose and the latest trends.

Stoneware floors: all solutions for furnishing

Among the solutions proposed by interior designers are stoneware floors. It is a solution that combines quality and savings. The stoneware tiles are resistant and of high quality, are proposed with wood, stone or marble effect and ensure an extra touch of elegance. Specifically in this special you will find all of them trendy finish in porcelain in stoneware to choose from to complete your home’s wall or floor covering in style.

Cement tiles for floors never go out of style

That cement tiles for floors they never go out of fashion, and with their decorations, they make the environments they are placed in unique. It is tiles in fashion in noble houses since the end of the nineteenth century, which are still today chosen to dress the floors throughout the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, but also to outdoor spaces. It is worth getting to know them better to discover all their charm and beauty.

Indoor stone floors

In addition to garden and outdoor flooring natural stone it can also be used for interior. Both in houses in classic style and in more modern houses, this noble material is able to give a great charm to the environment. THAT stone floors for interior more trendy are basalt and granite of lava origin, porphyry, which instead originates from cooling lava and quartzite. Large slabs in travertine, carrara marble or special balls such as Pietra Gray, Pietra Brown, Bianco Perla, Travertino Bianco Santa Caterina and Ardesia can also be used for the floors.

Marble floors for the luxurious home

I would choose marble floors it means decorating the luxury home in an exclusive way. In our in-depth analysis, the experts explain how to decorate a house with marble floors in an elegant and refined way with many tips for creating winning combinations with other materials.

Terracotta floors for rustic environments and more

THAT terracotta floors they are often chosen for rustic environments, but the latest trends increasingly combine this material with modern furniture, creating a very comfortable contrast mix. In our special we see together how to harmonize terracotta with other materials such as wood, wrought iron or stone and the most suitable color combinations.

Laminate flooring: economical and resistant

A perfect choice for modern and classic furniture is laminate flooring, a very valid alternative to parquet, chosen by those who do not want to give up a natural effect, but want a cheaper solution than wood. To find out more, we suggest you read our in-depth analysis.

Parquet floors the best essences to choose

And here we are at a great classic in upholstery: I parquet floors. Wood is one of the warmest and most comfortable natural materials that is able to give the home a special touch. In our specialty, we give you expert advice on the choice of best essences for each room in the house.

Outdoor floors: the solutions for the garden, balcony and terrace

Let’s finally talk about outdoor floors with the best solutions for garden cover based on times and other ideas regarding how to choose flooring for the balcony and the terrace and many ideas for the original installation

Flooring bonus: How to do the job for free

To take advantage of Bonus floor and it is possible to have discounts or tax breaks choose between three types of bonuses, namely the so-called restructuring bonus, Ecobonus and Superbonus 110%. At the link provided you will find all the useful details to know how to request deductions and rebates.

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