First trade and then Saronno: Community houses arrive

TRADATE / SARONNO – Announced also arriving at Saronno, to the former mutual in via Stampa Soncino; in Tradate has opened its doors these days: the reference goes to “Common house”. These are the new structures designed by the Lombardy region to offer more health services in the area.

In Tradate, it was built via Gradisca 16 and was the first to be officially handed over to the community and the district, giving substance to the reorganization of the territorial center and full application to the reform of the Lombard social-health system. “Fælleshuset is actually not just a physical place, but a new way of perceiving the health care system, closer to the citizen and his family, more complete, which integrates hospital care with social health and social care, which unites the hospitals and the primary care districts and municipalities” states Syv Lakes from Asst. The newness that this structure represents was well emphasized by all the institutions that took the floor, and even earlier bythe structure’s reference nurse, Barbara Macchi: “We arrived here, in Tradate, in early January this year, in a small group of hospital nurses, and we began to integrate with the services already active here. We were welcomed by motivated and helpful colleagues who introduced us to what the area is. We were scared, but in a short time the phone to the individual access point started ringing and the requests for help were multiplied. We try to promote a new collaboration with local institutions in our area with the intention of improving all the resources it offers to meet a growing need. The challenge we have taken on is great, but I believe that we as nurses can put valuable competencies to the benefit of society in order to be close to those in need and promote the well-being and health of the population.“.

Two keywords for the success of this service – started on general manager for Asst Sette Laghi, Gianni Bonelli – one is the enthusiasm of the operators, who provide everything with a passion for satisfying citizens’ health needs in a new logic, closer to their life context, and it is a fundamental theme in a scenario characterized by a high degree of abandonment of the workplace. The second is community rooted in the territory, the idea that services should be designed based on the territory and in close synergy with local institutions and also with the third sector. It is the application of glocalism, the response to the specific needs of a community without sacrificing to remain in the network with a broader system, of great expertise such as the Lombard social health system, which brings precisely this expertise to the capillary level in the areas and in patients’ homes, just as our family nurses do every day“.

The activity of the “Family Nurse” in fact, it represents one of the most innovative services launched in recent months by Asst Sette Laghi in the area, and the figures confirm how much it is valued by the citizens: 152 patients already cared for in Tradate, for 792 phone calls and 245 home visits. In Laveno, where the family nurse has been active since March 7, 85 patients have been treated, in Arcisate, where the service has been active since March 14, there are 71. In this connection, the University of Insubria has activated the first edition of the first level Master in family and community nursing and obstetrics and Case / Care management of health and social health processes.

Due to its special design, Insubria’s territory will benefit even more from subsidiary structures such as this, born in an integration logic where the role of the municipalities has been and will continue to be crucial, he said Lucas Maria Gutierrez, general manager of Ats Insubria In this Common House, the citizen finds modern services, organized in the logic of integration, with a global approach to the person“.


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