Fiab and Vicenza Municipality: “Everyone to school on foot and by bicycle”

The 135 children involved in the project “Everyone to school on foot and by bicycle”, promoted by Fiab in collaboration with Vicenza municipality, arrived at the classroom and experienced the means of sustainable mobility.

On the morning of April 29, the young students from fourth and fifth elementary school at Elementary School 7, accompanied by teachers and Fiab volunteers, arrived at the Pertile / Mainardi school district, where they walked or cycled the route from their respective schools. Amicis i viale Fiume, Rodari i via Turra, Pertile i via dell’Acqua and Pasini i strada Postumia. The activities awaited them, planned for the whole morning, to increase the awareness of sustainable mobility dedicated above all to the daily commute between home and school.

The education and mobility departments have collaborated on the initiative. Present today were the Councilor for Education Cristina Tolio, the President of Fiab Vicenza Anna Pilastro, the Director of the Comprehensive School 7 Isabella Bartolone and the member of the Pro loco Postumia Roberto Cattaneo, who contributed to the organization of the activities.

“It was a beautiful day – explained the education councilor Cristina Tolio – realized thanks to the basic collaboration between the Department of Education and Mobility, Fiab and the comprehensive institute 7. This morning, the fourth and fifth primary student at Anconetta could experience the sustainable mobility trails present in the area and then have fun with various educational activities. A project that is part of the goal that this administration has set itself to support neighborhood schools: promoting sustainable mobility is not only good for the environment, but also promotes the habit of living the services and schools for them among citizens. without migrating to other areas of the city “.

“With this project is the result of a joint work between departments, Fiab and schools – comments Deputy Mayor with responsibility for mobility Matthew Celebron , we make a significant contribution to educating our students to move on foot or by bicycle, even when traveling between home and school. In fact, we are convinced that habits related to sustainable mobility are determined not only by the tools that the administration can introduce to facilitate the use of green vehicles, but also by the acquisition of virtuous behavior that starts right from the school desks.

The event “Everyone in school on foot and by bicycle”, organized by Fiab nationwide, was to be held in the first week of spring, at the end of March, and has been postponed to today due to bad weather.

The children were involved from 9 to 12 in activities inside, in the Lim classrooms in the Pertile and Mainardi schools, about bicycle safety and virtuous behavior on the streets. Outside, on the other hand, they tried a gymnastic agility course. made at Pertilskolen, and with instruction on maintenance and use of the bicycle.

In addition, colored shoe bags were given to the students as gadgets in the Mobilitatevi project, which sees Vicenza Municipality as a leader and aims, among its various goals, also to encourage sustainable mobility initiatives in home-school trips. The project, which has been active since 2018 with various activities and several partners involved, is also affecting the city’s schools. In fact, this school year, for the first time, a bicibus and two interconnectors were activated in the municipal area, as well as two more pedibus routes in addition to the four already existing.

During the morning, a snack offered by Centrale del Latte was served and a musical moment took place.


Source Vicenza municipality

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