Everything Elon Musk could have bought for $ 44 billion

“Money, money, money, lots of money. Blessed be money. They loved money because the one who has a lot of money lives like a pasha” sang Betty Curtis without imagining that one day someone would come who not only with money would have “kept his feet warm” but could have bought half the world.This is the case with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X, who not happy in the last few days bought Twitter for the record amount of 44 a purchase so large that if one were to think again, even the punishment would be stratospheric (equivalent to 1 billion) .But on the other hand, he had with a personal fortune of 273.5 billion advice, and how. And while on the one hand there are concerns about the processing of personal data and the right to express themselves online, and on the other hand the curiosity about the new features that the tycoon wants to introduce on the social network, people are asking more trivially: what could I buy for 44 billion Let’s p rob to answer this question by taking as a starting point the crazy expenses that celebrities have made in recent years, from the price lists of the most expensive things in circulation and making a projection of what the South African-born entrepreneur could still eat.

Calculator in hand, Elon Musk actually seems, with only the money paid for Twitter, to remove virtually any satisfaction. If he wanted to fly with a super-luxury private jet, he could start with the Canadian rapper Drake, who has a Boeing 767 worth about $ 185 million (with options up to 200) dubbed “Air Drake”. Except that he would have a whole fleet of aircraft and could afford at least 230. Looking at other VIP trips, it is striking to note that the owner of Tesla could probably buy everything (even together) what we list, and only with the amount. used for the social network that has the blue bird as its logo.

Houses usually create a stir. And here, among those who have put more hand in the wallet, are two old Hollywood celebrities. Sylvester Stallone’s 2,000-square-foot Beverly Park mansion near Los Angeles was valued at $ 70 million, while Tom Cruises, his 130-acre Colorado Ranch with helicopter space and snowmobile trail $ 39.5 million. Katy Perry, who owns a dream home of 400 square feet worth $ 62 million in the upscale Beverly Hills neighborhood, keeps him company. Well, by adding the value of these three houses to 44 billion, Elon Musk was able to buy more than 400 and found a small town populated only by Joakim. And if he needed enough space for his dog, the example to follow is Paris Hilton, who paid $ 325,000 to build a 27-square-foot mini-villa identical to his own, only for her Chihuahuas, including air conditioning. , leather cushions, designer furniture and… crystal chandeliers.

The house is an old obsession with VIPs, as are the options that often increase the value of the property considerably. Here, Elon Musk has something to give himself to draw inspiration from the stars. According to Madonna, who spends $ 10,000 a month to drink only “Kabbalistic” or blessed water, after approaching the Kabbalah rituals, a spiritual movement inspired by Judaism. Another part of the house that is often enriched with numerous amenities is the bathroom. One of the undisputed waste queens is clearly Kim Kardashian, who when she lived with Kanye West had spent $ 750,000 on covering the bathroom all in gold, as well as $ 400,000 for six beds and $ 320,000 for the kitchen. But Musk could do even better, given the infinite economic potential, and add some gadgets by a true super-billionaire. Like toilet paper made from 3 22-carat gold leaves that cost as much as $ 1.3 million. For now it is produced in a single copy (who knows why …), but he would only be able to activate his own line. There should also be a toothpaste worthy of it, like the one patented by Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto: always in gold, it tastes like fresh mint, promises to make your teeth shine with an “optical white” and costs “only” $ 80,000 a tube (but with a gold cap and luxury packaging). Another question is how to have fun. An original idea to spend an evening with friends and disconnect from work on the computer is represented by Monopoli, the famous board game, but always in gold. From the President of the American Finance Museum Finance David Cowen and the San Francisco-based jewelry designer Sidney Mobell, a solid gold, diamond and sapphire copy worth $ 2 million is available.

But at some point, for the good Elon, who looks from the window to the garden (more likely a forest of several acres), it is possible that another question may arise: how can I populate it? With the dogs in safety in the aforementioned mini house, the crazy idea comes this time from Mike Tyson, who decided to let Bengal tigers roam his park. The former boxer bought a few years ago 3 whites for $ 70,000 each. There is no need to use a calculator to understand that Musk with 44 billion would be able to repopulate an entire continent if only he would, except for a garden. Then there are the whims, the ones that do not necessarily have to be useful, but in short, the money is also used for that kind of pleasure, right? There are many ideas on the subject, and of course, the South African entrepreneur can afford them all and in several quantities. If he, like Lady Gaga, was afraid of ghosts, he would just have to invest $ 55,000, as the singer did to buy a magnetic field detector capable of detecting paranormal activity. Instead, in Nicolas Cage’s strange way, one could get advice on where to buy a dinosaur skull, for which the actor has invested $ 276 (Leonardo Di Caprio also participated in the auction to the last). And when it comes to insane spending, Cage’s friend and colleague Johnny Depp, who is currently involved in the lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, is second to none: $ 18 million extra luxury yacht, a record company (which went bankrupt) for $ 4 million. , a 3 million funeral to get the ashes of writer Hunter Thompson fired from a cannon. So much so that in the last twenty years, according to reports from Management Group, he would have spent $ 75 million, 2 million a month.

Trivia for Musk, who would have the ability to make the most incredible dreams come true, even any woman’s. Like Kim Basinger, who in 1989 tried to buy his hometown of Braselton for about $ 20 million. To her Musk, we are sure to give Georgia directly by investing it in the role of governor. Or Victoria Beckhams, who has a whole collection of Hermès Birkins worth over 2 million euros in her wardrobe. For her, the generous Elon would go so far as to buy the Hermès company directly and perhaps promote it as CEO. But often the partner is not happy with gifts and wishes as a maximum testimony of love a royal wedding. No problem for Musk, who only with the addition of Twitter is able to overcome any royal wedding ever conceived so far. A measure of the royals in England: Harry and Meghan spent 55 million in 2018, almost double that of William and Kate in 2011 by 33 million. But here, Elon Musk has an ace up his sleeve: The honeymoon could take place directly in space thanks to his Space X spacecraft.

Finally, there are those who have made two calculations on a possible passion of the entrepreneur in the world of football. In this sector, with $ 44 billion, he would simultaneously own 15 clubs. And we are not talking about the smaller formations, but PSG in France, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético in Spain, Bayern and Dortmund in Germany, in addition to the English top six plus Everton and the Italian Inter and Juventus. . And there would apparently still be 370 million.

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