Covid, the school’s caution that keeps the rules even after May 1st. But Anief and Undersecretary Sasso: “We needed a compromise”

While in bars, shops, restaurants, the mask will only be recommended, in the classroom it will remain mandatory. For school, until June nothing changes. The Regulation of Ministry of Health of April 28 did not change the conditions for being among the benches with a toe. Only children under the age of 6 have no obligation to wear personal protective equipment – as it was until now; people with incompatible pathologies; who must communicate with the disabled and who play sports.

Sui school transport remains the duty to Ffp2 for all students from primary school to high school. The pressure from some people was useless the parent committee would have had his children do at least the last month’s tuition without a mask: the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchiwhen all children are in school (98% present), he preferred not to take risks.

Even those who will have to face final exams he will have to do it with his nose and mouth covered. With regard to the question of the mask, the unconventional voice in the government of the Minister of Education must be recorded Rossano You know that (Lega), which launched a proposal to the Minister Roberto Speranza: “Personally, I would have chosen a solution of compromise: remove the masks while sitting at your desk during the lesson; put them on if you get up, go to the toilet or walk around the hallways. In many areas of Italy, temperatures are rising sharply and it can be extremely tiring to follow the teaching with masks in May and June. Data from recent months have confirmed, among other things, that classrooms are not places where we are more infected than others. So why punish the world of school once again? ”.

Instead, the president of the Anief League is angry with the government, Marcello Pacifico: “We agree on the line of Warning, but it would be appropriate for the line of protection to be at three hundred and sixty degrees. Let me explain: why from 1 May do students continue to wear masks in class during the day, but then take them off at the disco at night? ‘ The answer comes indirectly from the Deputy Secretary of Health Andrea Costa at a Tomorrow 5 he said: “When we decided to reopen them, we need to be aware that if you dance, you can not wear the mask. While where you do not dance, you can continue to wear masks, and that is actually already the case”.

As far as the school is concerned, the rules regarding quarantines. IN primary school in the presence of at least four cases of positivity among the children present in the class section or group, the pedagogical and didactic activity continues in presence for everyone and teachers and educators. Students over the age of six use Ffp2 type respirators for ten days from the last contact with a positive person at COVID-19. In schools primary and in secondary of first and second degree in the presence of at least four instances of positivity among the students present in the class, the teaching activity for all in attendance continues with the use of Ffp2 type respirators by teachers and students. Primary and secondary school students, located in isolationcan follow the school activity in the modality of dintegrated digital learning at the request of the family or student, if adult, accompanied by a specification medical certificate confirmation of the same student’s health condition.

There vaccination is still an essential requirement for the compulsory subjects to perform didactic activities in contact with the students. In cases where anti-Covid vaccination or the submission of a vaccination request in the manner determined as part of the ongoing vaccination campaign is not carried out, the leaders invite the interested party to provide: In 5 days from the receipt of the invitation, the documentation proof that the vaccination has been completed or attestation regarding the omission or al postponement of the same or submission of vaccination request to be carried out within a maximum of twenty days from receipt of the invitation, or in any case that the conditions of the vaccination obligation do not exist.

Upon submission of documentation confirming the vaccination request, the interested party is invited to submit the certificate attesting the fulfillment of the vaccination obligation immediately and in any case within three days of the submission. In the event of non-presentation of the documentation referred to in the second and third periods, the managers find that the vaccination obligation has not been complied with and give immediate written notice to the person concerned. The act of ascertaining the non-fulfillment requires class teacher to use the standard teacher in activities of support to the educational institution.

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