competition for kindergarten teachers

The municipality of Bulgarograsso, located in the province Como (Lombardy), has launched a public competition for kindergarten teachers aimed at covering two jobs.

In fact, the employment of administrative instructors – kindergarten teachers, indefinitelyawarded to the School and Culture Area – Cat. C1.

There is time until May 26, 2022. Here is the message to download and all the details.


Candidates for the competition in Bulgarograsso municipality for teachers must possess the following requirements:

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of one of the EU Member States;
  • age at least 18 years and at most the retirement age of the municipal employee;
  • not be excluded from the active political voters;
  • absence of dismissal, dismissal or exemption from employment in a public administration due to persistent inadequate performance;
  • has not been declared lost from state employment;
  • physical fitness for employment;
  • the absence of criminal convictions which, in accordance with the provisions in force, prevent the establishment of an employment relationship with the public administration;
  • Italian nationals who are subject to military service must be in a legal position with regard to this obligation;
  • enjoys civil and political rights in the countries of origin or origin and has a good knowledge of the Italian language.

In addition, possession of at least one of the following qualifications:

  • four-year diploma from the Department of Magistrates, obtained within the school year 2001/2002 or high school socio-psycho-pedagogical diploma obtained within the school year 2001/2002;
  • degree in primary school science – pre-school specialization (qualifying qualification for teaching) or in primary school science with a single five-year cycle;
  • qualification certificate for teaching in preparatory schools (issued by legally recognized or equivalent graduate schools), obtained within the school year 2001-2002 (the qualification obtained at the end of the pilot course “Egeria” project is also included).


Based on the number of candidates and any organizational options, the Administration reserves the right to conduct a pre-selection test.

Candidates will be selected upon passing two exams: a written And an oral. For more details on the selection procedure, please refer to the notice at the end of the article.


The application for participation in the competition for kindergarten teachers to Bulgarograsso Municipality, prepared according to the following MODEL (Pdf 119 Kb), must be submitted to Bulgarograsso Municipality – Via Guffanti, 2 – 22070 – Bulgarograsso (CO) no later than May 26, 2022 via one of the following modality:

  • directly through hand delivery at the Protocol Office of the Municipality of Bulgarograsso, having made a telephone reservation on 031.930141;
  • by postal service with recommended mail with receipt for receipt;
  • to confirmed mail to the following address: [email protected] Those interested without PEC can read in this article how to activate a PEC address in just 30 minutes.

In addition, the following documentation must be attached to the application:

  • photocopy of the identity document;
  • curriculum vitae duly signed.


Those interested in participating in the competition for teachers in Bulgarograsso Municipality are encouraged to read THE NOTICE (Pdf 367 Kb) published in Official Gazette no. 33 of 26-04-2022.


All subsequent inquiries about the selection procedure and the examination assignments will be published on the municipality’s website in the section ‘Notice of competition’.


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