Bianchi cuts 9,600 chairs to reward the most trained teachers. TEXT Decree in the Official Gazette

The text of the Legislative Decree, which contains the reform of the teacher recruitment system, as envisaged by the PNRR, has been published in the Official Gazette. Within the launch of a teacher education system that provides incentive bonuses. There will be disagreement on how to find resources.

How premium training will work

This is a parallel education to the one established with the reform “The Good School”, which aims to strengthen the skills of teachers.

Joining these courses will be voluntary, mandatory for new hires and will last three years. At the end of the course, those teachers who have achieved a positive evaluation will be “incited” with an accessory offer.

The funds

Funds for the “one-off prize” for teachers will amount to € 20 million in 2026, € 85 million in 2027, € 160 million in 2028, € 236 million in 2029, € 311 million in 2030 and € 387 million from 2031.

Where should the money be taken from?

According to the text of the decree published in the Gazzetta, “The one-off allowance shall be paid within the limits of the expenditure mentioned in the first period of the year in which the individual positive assessment is obtained. The fees resulting from the implementation of this paragraph shall be provided by: rationalization of legal staff carried out starting from the school year 2026/2027 ″, as a priority on staffing positions for empowerment by reducing them from positions vacated upon retirement.

The quota allocated to schools that will be cut to find funds to reward teachers who will train voluntarily will be:

  • 1,600 places from and including the school year 2026/2027,
  • 2,000 places from and including the school year 2027/2028,
  • 2,000 places from and including the school year 2028/2029,
  • 2,000 places from and including the school year 2029/2030,
  • 2,000 places starting from the school year 2030/2031.

Because it’s wrong to talk about an upgrade staff

The empowerment staff, which was used exclusively for the 2015/16 school year, was then merged into the self-governing staff.

For example, the Ministry stipulates in the circular on staff for the school year 2022/23

The staff in the educators’ autonomy as 2022/23, according to DI n. 90/2022, make up:

  • 620,256 common places, of which 2,247 places / hours brought home for teaching Ed. mobility in primary school and 8,741 intended for classes to constitute an exemption from the limits laid down in Presidential Decree 81/09;
  • 50,202 common places for upgrading;
  • 117,170 support posts, of which 6,446 reinforcement posts for support.

With note no. 2852 of 5 September 2016, MI specified that:

  • there is no contractual distinction between curriculum teachers and empowerment teachers;
  • in a scenario of “flexibility” decided in full accordance with the attributions of the collegiate bodies, the identified teachers in the strengthening position can carry out teaching activities and the teachers in the curriculum lessons can engage in activities to “strengthen / enrich the educational offer”;
  • short-term compensation must be “covered” according to an appropriate modular structure involving all staff with autonomy, in order to ensure continuity of the activities carried out in connection with reinforcement;

With the “cuts” devised in this DL, the balance achieved in recent years would fail.

Since these are inserts in the organic at right, the intersection may relate to transverse

  • enters the role
  • substitutes per. August 31st
  • transfer of permanent teachers
  • preliminary tasks

NB The text will now be considered by Parliament with a view to transposition into law within 60 days. The first step should be in the Senate. Therefore, it will still be able to undergo changes, corrections, possible cancellations of some parts, depending on the balance that the political forces will find in the conversion.

Reform of teacher recruitment: qualifying degrees, transition phase, competitions and education. TEXT in Lovtidende [SCARICA PDF]

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