Asko wins two awards at the If Design Awards

International recognition was given to Asko Elevate induction hob with integrated suction plate and for some DW60 dishwasher models

Askothe market-leading Scandinavian brand of premium kitchens and professional white goods, received legs to If Design Awards: for innovative induction cooker Ashoe ElevatorAnd with integrated suction and for selected DW60 dishwasher models, selected from around 11,000 entries by a jury of 75 design experts from 23 countries. The prizes were awarded on the basis of five criteria: Idea, Form, Function, Differentiation and Impact.

Asko Elevate induction hob

Especially Asko Elevate induction hob with integrated extraction works according to the principle of downdraft, with a single tower that brings the extraction surface closer to the pots, with a high extraction performance. It is characterized by Celsius ° Cooking technology, with an intuitive user interface, kitchen utensils with temperature sensors, a probe and an app. The components communicate with each other in wireless mode, to control temperatures and cooking times, to create tasty and healthy dishes. There the extraction tower is raised when it is necessary. In fact, when not needed, the tower lies flat against the hob. This gives the hob a minimalist look and very flat with clear graphics and design details, such as the elegant profiles that surround it. It is available in matte black and glossy black ceramic glass.

Vincent Hofstee, global design manager for Ashoe for cooking and coolingcommented: “We are pleased to have received the iF Awards for the third year in a row. A sign of our sustained efforts to achieve innovative products from the big design. That stove award-winning fits very well with this scheme. It offers a unique culinary experience by excelling in different areas: it has the exclusive Celsius ° Cooking system that was already awarded last year. This system guarantees precise induction cooking at controlled temperature to preparations more trueand with a truly intuitive user interface. There is also an app with video recipes so everyone can feel like a confident chef. Moreover, it is the more yesrich in lending on the market with a powerful and efficient air extraction, obtained from the twin engine e from aerodynamic shape in the air ducts. Great emphasis has been placed on the design to ensure one nice integration with the table top. That’s the way it is there Perfectto solution for an open kitchen space. Congratulations to the design team and all other departments and colleagues involved“.

Asko DW60 dishwasher

Asko DW60 dishwashers are designed and thoroughly tested for the equivalent of 20 years of regular use. They are equipped with more smart and sustainable features and is consistent with most high hygiene standards eliminates up to 99.99999% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and more. They have the highest loading height and largest load capacity on the market, with room for 194 items or 17 covers, the maximum flexibility among dishwashers. That Flexi Racks system adapts to individual needs with unsurpassed spraying and filling flexibility for stoneware, oven dishes, oven plates, crystal, cutlery. Hygiene is guaranteed with a system Super CleaninggAuto dosing and UV Cleanse modes, an Asko innovation.

Jon Carlehed, Global Design Manager for Ashoe for dishwashers and laundry, comments: “DERshoe The Design Center is very pleased to have been recognized by the I-juryF. To everyoneor the hard work we have put into this project. Prove that Scandinavian design it was andd it’s still a lot appreciated in the international design scene. The new dishwasher line is designedto to improve usability and convenience for our users. Our long tradition of delivering reliable, long-lasting products is reflected in the design of the DW60 dishwashers. The exterior design is pragmatic but very sophisticated. External visual stimuli are minimized to become better integrated inthe kitchen environment. The inside of the dishwasher Ashoe however, it is a challenge due to its very flexible functionality“.

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