Ancacaprinarte, the culture in motion of the Kaire Arte Capri

At the beginning of the review “Women in Comparison: Stories of Life and Art” between Capri and Procida

L ‘Kaire Arte Capri Kulturforeningunder the motto “Culture in motion”, continues to pursue its goal: to promote and propose new initiatives that highlight the island of Capri, its history and its natural beauties, “experience” its monuments and landscapes and follow in the footsteps of the characters, often famous , sometimes lesser known, which made her famous.

For some time – say the partners of Kaire Arte Capri – we had in our “idea drawer”, a review that had women as the only common thread and central theme. On the occasion of the eleventh edition of “ANACAPRINART – culture in motion “ we propose a selection of cultural events dedicated exclusively to the female world, a true anthology of female figures who, like so many works, have composed the fascinating history of our island. The review “Women in Comparison: Stories of Life and Art” wishes to emphasize their role in the social, economic and historical-artistic fabric and therefore pays tribute to the first local female entrepreneurs, to the fascinating models, to the artists who have had an authentic and deep bond with the island of Capri in creating the myth ” .

The review is particularly enriched by two events “beyond the Island” planned in Procida, awarded the title Italian Capital of Culture 2022: a conference with Prof. Renato Esposito and Prof. Raffaella Salvemini and a theatrical itinerary with Maria Scotto di Vettimo and the Roman actress Alessandro Rubinetti from the “Teatro Reale” Company along the characteristic streets, doors and suggestive corners of the “farmhouses”. The two events will aim to compare, between similarities and differences, the two islands through female figures, known and lesser known, who have written their history or as guardians of traditions. After the Procidan date, as in an ideal face-to-face between the two islands, the conference arrives in Anacapri in the magnificent surroundings of Villa San Michele, while the “Anacapri” version of the walk through the characteristic streets of the center is scheduled for autumn . .

The review includes a diversified proposal for cultural activities, especially unpublished theatrical thematic paths between the center and the peripheral areas of Anacapri, born thanks to the research of members of the association and the now consolidated and always enthusiastic collaboration between experts, such as prof. Renato Esposito, and actors like Mario Staiano and Gabriele Guerra. There will of course be an event dedicated to children with a fun and engaging theatrical performance. The review starts at the beginning of May with the usual agreement “On the migration routes … in the company of a barbarian” dedicated to the ornithologists at the Barbarossa station and ending in the fall.

Meanwhile, Kaire Arte Capri gives you an appointment with the itinerary told to Barbarossa in the company of ornithologists Friday, May 6 at 9:30 p.m. – entrance to Villa San Michele in Anacapri.

Clothes and shoes for dirt paths are mandatory. Free participation.

Participation in the event includes reservations requireda limited number of of participants and compliance with anti-covid19 safety regulations.

Detailed information about the events will be published near them on the association’s official website and on the Facebook page Kaire Arte Capri – Cultural Association.

Participation in all events requires reservations, a limited number of participants and compliance with the anti-covid19 safety regulations in force at the time of their implementation.

To the program AnacaprinArte 2022 – Kaire Arte Capri and culture on the go with the review “Women in Comparison: Stories of Life and Art” “Thanks to Anacapri Municipality, Procida Municipality, Campania Regional Tourism Agency, Civic Museum of Procida, Ascom of Anacapri, Foundation of Villa San Michele, Foundation of the Philosophical Park, Oigrè – Laboratory of Ceramics, Hotel Villa Ceselle and media partner Capri review.

Info and reservations: – ​​ Tel: 3290936171 – 3392187860 – 3291290641 – Facebook: Kaire Arte Capri

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