Travel coffee machine what you need to know

Only real coffee addicts can know what it means to travel by car for hours and find themselves without their favorite drink, desperate for a highway restaurant! It often happens, however, that there are some stretches of the route, which are also quite long, where it is not possible to find a rest area, or perhaps the classic cafeteria from the highway does not appeal to us. How to solve the problem? Easy: by buying a car coffee machine! It is practical and comfortable and above all it can be used not only in the car. Let us immediately see the features and the different models available in the market.

How to make a portable coffee machine?

This type of coffee machine is very similar to a thermos, with the classic cylinder shape, and is quite small (about 20 cm). They are easy to transport and are not heavy as all components are made of plastic. Usually the set also includes the cup to be used when the coffee is ready. The machine is divided into two parts: the top, which is filled with coffee when ready, and the bottom, which contains the water, the extractor is located in the middle. Thanks to a button or a display, it is activated and in a few seconds the coffee is ready!

Operation is therefore very similar to home coffee machines: There is a filter where the coffee is inserted (ground, in a capsule or pod), and a container inside where the water can be poured. The water, with the pressure, will pass through the filter to obtain a good espresso. In the battery-powered portable coffee machine or in the cigarette lighter connected to the power supply, the water must be inserted cold, as it is heated automatically, while in the case of manual printing machines it must necessarily already be water. hot.

How to clean the travel coffee machine?

Most travel coffee machines have a self-cleaning function, which is very useful when you are on the go. In case your model does not have this plus it is the same as all the machines are removable and cleaned piece by piece. For optimal cleaning, it is also recommended to make “a coffee empty” every now and then without inserting powders, but only by activating the hot water button.

How to descale the travel coffee machine?

Lime is the number one enemy of coffee machines, but it is possible to curb this problem by using a well-specific product such as single-dose descaling filters, ideal for the travel machine. Alternatively, it is also possible to use natural remedies such as vinegar or baking soda, which are effective and economical.

Best travel coffee machines

There are many models created by the various manufacturers, but among the best we have definitely those from Nespresso and those from Lavazza. As for the Lavazza home, the EspressGo model stands out: A compact, practical and fast Lavazza travel coffee machine. It weighs less than a kg and in less than 2 minutes it prepares an excellent espresso that can be enjoyed on the go, in the office and anywhere. It works with a power cord and requires the use of capsules.

While for Nespresso travel coffee machine, which compatible types do we find and which is the best? At the moment, the best product is Handpresso: a very fast machine at a pressure of 19 bar that is compatible with Nespresso capsules. It connects to your vehicle via a cable in the cigarette lighter, fits into the car’s cup holder and is sold in a cute set of case, which includes the machine, a capsule holder, two coffee cups and a towel.

Another very popular model is the Conqueco, slower as it takes about 8 minutes to brew the coffee but has the benefit of being equipped with a battery.

If you are wondering “But is there a 12 volt Nespresso coffee machine?” Of course yes! The models just mentioned are both 12 and 14 volts!

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