Prato, the students at the “stew school” have lost patience: the protest and the demands of the boys

Over 500 young people at Livi-Brunelleschi high school demonstration under the municipality’s windows. They are divided into seven locations and condemn the lack of a high school and a sufficient number of classrooms

Lawn. The eyes light up at the memory of his literature teacher, Mila Montagni, who died of Covid in January. “Yes, she would be proud of our presence here today. We miss her very much: this event is also dedicated to her.” Virginia Monzali he is a department representative at Brunelleschi Artistic High School in Montemurlo. He wears a shirt with a stylized handprint in yellow, red and blue. All her schoolmates have it, and when they arrive in Piazza del Comune, they make the protest resound with a megaphone. They can not stand it anymore: The last straw that broke the camel’s back is the problem with a beam that made the auditorium useless. Even the classmates at Livi High School have a lot to say and walk the streets shouting “What do we want? Spaces ”and“ School yes, but not like this ”. A snake with over 500 girls and boys strolled out from the headquarters in via Marini to walk towards the historic center and stopped at the foot of the statue of Datini, because stopped in front of the Palazzo Banci Buonamici (seat of the province that has jurisdiction over high schools) had not been approved.

Ironic signs like “You are our priority”, “With Covid being a meter away between the Livi offices much more” become a slap in the face to politics, unable to solve a problem of lack of space that has dragged on for hours. at least ten years: it was in 2016 when Brunelleschi took to the streets for the first time. “We expected a response a long time ago, and this event serves as a reminder – he emphasizes Zoe Zampini, representative of Livi – We do not have a gym, we do not have an auditorium and a lecture hall to hold meetings. It is logical that the subscribers are declining ».

This is why the former Star of Italy will not become a branch of Livi in ​​September, but it will most likely be the trip to Dagomari or Copernicus who are interested in important works. To support its students Deborah Donzella, Spanish teacher. He is due to enter the courtroom at 11 a.m., but he has time to go down to via Marini to bear his testimony. “We must take into account the boom of recent years in members. So far, we have seen buffer solutions, certainly worthy and acceptable, but which do not solve the problem at the root.” In summary, Livi – Brunelleschi High School revolves around seven places: the scientific and linguistic alternatives lessons between the headquarters in via Marini, the Rodarino department and Ars Genius all Badie plexus, while the artistic is shared in Montemurlo between the headquarters in via Maroncelli and the branch in via Naples, the former fire station in via Galcianese.An inconvenience also for the professors who commute between one place and another and wasting time on the way from Prato to Montemurlo.

“I spend three hours on the Galcianese and then go to Montemurlo,” says the teacher Antonella Filice – The whole thing is a bout of lessons, and the principal jumps through hangers to organize our schedules ». Then there are five first classes of Livi all Badie who look like a body detached from the rest of the school. “They do not feel involved and we are not talking about the problem with the gym, which we do not have – the student complains Benedetta Gubitosa – We use it of the primary errors ». The latest tile that fell on Brunelleschi is the closure of the auditorium, which has been out of use for two months. “We taught while the squeak of a beam was heard: for safety reasons, the technicians closed the room – he says Alessandro Miliotti, graduate student – But we needed the auditorium to do different activities. Now we are also in the corridor or outdoors.

The mayor talked to the boys Matteo Biffoni who came down from the town hall to listen to their problems (even though the municipality has no competence). Again, Zoe del Livi revealed all the critical issues at the school to him: “We have to close eleven prime into September.” The mayor gave assurances about the renovation of the former Star of Italy on Piazza Duomo, which is to house a school, but – he said – “it is not up to the mayor to say which school he wants to go to”. If the number of beginners enrolled in Livi is declining (about 150 students fewer), the trend for the first year is slightly increasing at Brunelleschi. “The presence of some two-year classes in via Galcianese and the three-year course in Montemurlo – emphasizes the representative Giorgia Arosio – ensures that there are no contacts between students, which makes it difficult to choose an address “. In parallel with the protesters, the association” La piazza degli studi “. an urgent reflection on the whole system of school spaces “, the spokesman explains. Niccolò Sanesi who was in the procession. A school is not built from one day to the next: on paper, a new single site in the area of ​​the former construction school in via Galcianese had been proposed to Livi, awaiting ministerial funding. Project closed in the drawer: The province is waiting to define the area with the municipality from a city planning point of view.

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