“Morgantini11”, the real estate project developed by Di Martino Investments and designed by the luxury design workshop Brera Interni

In a context where the Milanese real estate market is increasingly accessible to a few privileged, the real estate project “Morgantini11”. goes against the trend and opens all the doors to residential units characterized by an exclusive design that is able to welcome and embody all the qualitative, modern and fashionable shades of furniture from made in Italy.

Enabled by the creation of a unique formula that combines quality and convenience, two often opposing words, the goal of Morgantini11 is based on the “Sismabonus Acquisti” facility: the proposed tax deduction in the Italian territory for buyers of new real estate built in place of demolished buildings and then rebuilt for the purpose of reducing the seismic risk. By allowingthe buyers of the apartments to enjoy a tax deduction of € 81,600, which the real estate company Di Martino Investments will deduct directly from the purchase price of the property. This means that the apartments located in the San Siro area of ​​Milan can be purchased at a very affordable price.

The Morgantini project11

Presented at the end of February in the exclusive Milanese surroundings of Søhusluxury designer studio The needlehistoric Italian design brand, the property development project enjoys, among other things, help from a virtual reality application in support of the commercial campaign and developed by Di Martino Investments in collaboration with Brera interior.

In summary, the future construction was virtually recreated, with the aim of giving the customer a complete and clear overview of the spaces, environments and furniture provided for the project, with an interactive 3D experience, to be able to experience Morgantini11 before. still getting into it.

Therefore goes beyond the typical and now obsolete “sale on paper” or on a PC screen in 2D format. One aspect also emphasized by Dario Di Martino, CFO of Di Martino Investments “The commercial offer is what sets the project apart, both in terms of return on investment and in terms of financial benefit and buying experience for buyers. The possibility of using the so-called “Sismabonus Acquisti” represents an important competitive advantage and having developed the project in virtual reality allows us to offer our customers an innovative buying experience that allows you to see the property before its actual realization “.


Located right in via Morgantini at n. 11 in Milan, the project involves the complete demolition of an existing building and the consequent construction of a modern building, characterized by the highest levels of energy efficiency, which will have a gym that can be used by condominiums and 8 small buildings. use: six two-room apartments of 50 square meters on the first three floors and two three-room of 65 square meters on the fourth floor.

“When we saw the feasible project in via Morgantini, it did not take much to understand that it was an opportunity to be seized and in line with our goal: to guarantee investors the expected financial performance and to carry out projects that have a positive architectural and environmental impact on the territory. “, explains Diego Di Martino, general manager of Di Martino Investments, adding: “Morgantini11 apartments are designed to be bought and occupied by so-called ‘millennials.’ concludes the general manager of the company.

Designed by Brera Interni

What makes Morgantini11 unique internally is the experience and the furniture that is imagined and designed by Brera interiora Milanese luxury design workshop. “The main tone of the mood board is petrol green: modern, sustainable, sophisticated and in line with the newer green of Milan,” he says. Giuseppe Signorelli on behalf of Brera Interni. The touch is purely international, delivered by a reality which made in Italy he tells it abroad.

“Advances in interior design mean tailoring. The more the customer becomes demanding, the more an adaptable design is required based on the aesthetic wishes and needs of those who live in the house, ”Signorelli continues. And if consumer trends and tastes mainly vary by geographic area, it’s undeniable that Covid-19 has brought about several changes. “The pandemic has pushed people to want more inviting, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable home environments.” As demonstrated, among other things, by the growth of Brera Internis itself and by the constant and growing international interest in Made in Italy.

When it comes to made in Italy design, Signorelli is in no doubt “For us, it means sophistication in shapes, materials and colors. It is no coincidence that the Italian brand already embodies shades of luxury in the foreign collective imagination. And the reason is not to be found in the high prices of Italian design, but in the ability that made in Italy creativity lasts over the years. In Italy, manufacturing is historically a value medal and a business card for designers and entrepreneurs who want to take on relationships with foreign countries, concludes number one of Brera Interni.

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