In the city’s museums for a first May of culture and art

Brescia. The Brescia Museums Foundation proposes Brescians to spend a first May in the name of culture, in the panorama of the city’s museums, starting from the Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery, which recently opened to the public with the new layout of the rooms from the eighteenth century. for the exhibitions of the V Edition of Brescia Photo Festival, set up at the Museum of Santa Giulia and Mo.Ca in via Moretto 78.
Right next to the large exhibition of the 2022 edition, the original and unpublished Weston exhibition. Edward, Brett, Cole and Cara. A dynasty of photographers is dedicated to the special visit of the program 11 o’clock of 1 May, The world according to Westons, a tribute to Edward Weston, one of the masters of the twentieth century and to the heirs of the famous photographer, both authors and ancestor of the works on display. Finally, participants will be free to visit the exhibition “The returning gaze“.

15.30 The Brescia Museums Foundation suggests one instead workshop dedicated to families with boys and girls aged 6 to 11, at Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery: Like Paolo and Peggy! A fascinating story that will give the small participants the opportunity to get to know the taste and the works, collected with passion by Count Paolo Tosio and by patron Peggy Guggenheim. From simple observers, children can transform into little curators to create an ideal new space where they can exhibit their own collection of works of art.
The laboratory was born from the exhibition Peggy and Paolo. A timeless passion, the unprecedented dialogue between Paolo Tosio and Peggy Guggenheim, on the occasion of the Brescia Photo Festival, in a famous shot by Gianni Berengo Gardin: after more than a century, one from the other, two collectors leave the portrait to the memory of their passion. A stand-alone project dedicated by Gianni Berengo Gardin to Peggy Guggenheim, photographed in her Venetian home in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, in the background a sculpture by Calder. In front of her, by Luigi Basiletti, the Portrait of Count Paolo Tosiothe enlightened patron thanks to whose legacy, 170 years ago, in 1851, the city of Brescia inaugurated the first bourgeois gallery of contemporary art in Italy, today Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo.

Closes the day at 4 p.m. -one thematic trail for adults in the Roman Brescia Archaeological Park, Everyone at work! At the feast dedicated to workers, an unusual path is proposed, commenting on the unfolding of every day in the ancient forum of Brixia, between the swarm of merchants, the coming and going of merchants, the wear and tear of slaves in construction activities, and the passage. of litter with the city’s prominent characters.
The possibility of making a real journey through time is renewed, thanks to the special ArtGlass that the Brescia Museums Foundation has evolved to immerse you in a unique way in the Domus dell’Ortaglia and in the Basilica of San Salvatore. Trails with extraordinary proposals, where technology allows everyone to live an experience, not only cultural but also sensory, thanks to Augmented Reality, and which will allow the public to move through the streets and private environments of Roman Brixia or experience a medieval church like the looked, at the time of its founding, to know the protagonists of Brescia’s history, by the martyrs, whose relics were kept in the monastery because of the transformations which the basilica itself has undergone over time.

Finally, it is always possible for children from the age of 6 to take part in the exciting adventure to visit the museums of Brescia thanks to the dedicated museum app game titled Geronimo Stilton. Brescia Musei Adventures, promoted by the Brescia Musei Foundation in collaboration with Atlantyca Entertainment and with support from the Cariplo Foundation. Among amulets, amphorae, paintings and armor, Geronimo guides his young adventure comrades to discover the history of museums and their heritage using augmented reality that will transform some pieces of the museum into 3D images that can be observed down to the smallest detail. . Three unique and original itineraries: “Geronimo Stilton in search of the lost medallion” at the museum in Santa Giulia with a final stop on the itinerary in the archeological park, “Geronimo Stilton, an adventure with brushstrokes” at Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery, “Geronimo Stilton a day as a knight “at the Luigi Marzoli Museum.

To participate in the guided tours, it is necessary to book by calling the Single Booking Center by the Brescia Musei Foundation on 030.2977833 / 34 or by sending an email to
The exhibition Weston. Edward, Brett, Cole, Cara. A dynasty of photographers
Sunday, May 1 at 11.00. Tickets: discounted ticket; € 6.50 guide fee
Brixia. The Archaeological Park of Roman Brescia
Sunday, May 1 at 16. Tickets 10 € including entrance and activities
Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery
Sunday, May 1 at 15.30. Tickets: € 4.50 for children including entrance and activities.
ArtGlass The service is available every day during ticket office opening hours, subject to availability.
Cost: € 6.00 rental of multimedia glasses per. person, valid for both Domus dell’Ortaglia and the Basilica of San Salvatore + museum admission ticket.
Geronimo Stilton The itineraries are available both via their personal smartphones and using tablets that are made available at no extra cost at the ticket offices at the various museums (always disinfected before and after each use).
Cost: entrance ticket to the museum; free rental of tablets; tablets can not be reserved (subject to availability). It is advisable to bring your own headphones, otherwise you can buy them at the ticket office.
Peggy and Paolo. A timeless passion. Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery
Tickets: Brescia Photo Festival entrance ticket 11 euros, which allows you to visit all the exhibitions planned at the Museum of Santa Giulia and Ma.Co.F

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