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Height, half beauty. It is always said when describing a person, but this famous saying can also be “inconvenient” for home. In fact, the houses that have gods very high ceilings they have a unique charm as long as this feature is utilized in the best way.

Decorating an apartment that has such a ceiling is not easy: basically, the most suitable solutions are modern, although you need to understand well what elements need to be improved and how to make the room even wider, a comfortable visual and design effect.

The importance of lighting

In any home, lighting always makes the difference, and when there are high ceilings, this concept is even more valid. The unusual height suggests that one focuses on lamps of considerable size so that the play of light can emphasize the various spaces.

Of course, the power can not be insignificant, the proposal is to be trusted lamps which is able to light up abundantly and make the ceiling stand out. The models a Suspensionthen they are a more than valid alternative, as well as useful for giving the apartment that extra something from a “scenographic” point of view.

Never neglect the walls

In terms of walls and walls, the half height is the optimal choice when you want to tastefully decorate an apartment with high ceilings. In this case, the rooms are actually divided with care, and the complete view of the ceiling is never obstructed.

The extra touch is represented by transparent glass to close the space above the wall so that the light can be spread even wider.

Never give up on colors

The eye will also have its part, and in the decor of a house with high ceilings it is necessary to consider them with great attention nuance. Aesthetics are fundamental, and to avoid that each room is not very proportionate or even dispersive, the height itself can be reduced through the colors and their wise use. That dark shades they are perfect for achieving just this result and at the same time a good expansion of the spaces. The exact opposite is achieved with white, but with this option you have to rely on chandeliers and wall prints.

The ideal division thanks to false ceilings

Walls are not the only option for separate rooms. THAT table tops they are perfect when the height is very wide, especially it plaster wall it allows to “lower” the dimensions with the contrasts of the colors and with the use of ad hoc spotlights.

In the case of the kitchenette, the false ceilings are ideal to make this space in the house even more intimate, but they can of course be used for any room.

A library that suits any environment

In a high-ceilinged house, the living room decor is perhaps one of the most important. In this case, it is possible to set up a bookcase with important dimensions and made to measure: it is the right element to store and exhibit books and objects of any kind.

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The same goes for the other rooms. For example, in the kitchen you can insert a pantry with the same functions as just described for the bookcase, as opposed to the bedroom, where you can arrange a very large wardrobe for storing clothes and more.

The wardrobes to decorate the bedroom

The mezzanine, an always valid solution

Last but not least, the furniture for this type of apartment is without a doubt mezzanine. It is a timeless classic, useful for utilizing vertical spaces and avoiding loss of brightness in space. A slightly used environment can have a different life with an increase in extra space in any part of the house.

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