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Following the Renault Megane e-Tech, we have decided to pass on our benchmark measures in parallel: Volkswagen ID.3. Contact with a version Pro Performance team of a similar drums and under identical temperatures to better compare.

The Supertest, what is it? This is a new essay format on that follows the first impressions collected during the initial prize. Den s’agit d’un uddybning digne des plus gréls spéléologues realisé des des distances bien longer and always on the same course according to a very precise protocol which has vocation to be repeated in each new. We have started this exercise with rechargeable hybrids and we are also currently applying a dedicated evolution to electricity. Objective? Collect exhaustive information from a long trial in real conditions!

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Supertests of electric cars
our test protocol completed

Volkswagen ID.3 is the leading model for registering constructeur dans son virage énergétique. Last year, it doubled in the last straight line of the month of December for Renault Zoé, for all the same loop the exercise at the third place with more than 69,000 schooled copies in Europe. Chez nous, elle trône à la huitième position, between Peugeot e-2008 and Kia e-Niro, with 5,860 registered units. On the other hand, therefore, it has great ambitions. But is she at the height of her promises?

Presentation of Volkswagen ID.3

Techniques de l’ID.3

Length of 4.26 m, up to 5 cm more than Renault Megane e-Tech, premier main characters in our Supertest, Volkswagen is “available” with several declines. Guillemets de rigueur toutefois, fuisque la cononomic economic and industrielle poussé Wolfsburg à épurer le catalog de la compact. Au configurateur if the Pro Performance version is available. This declination is equipped with the 58 kWh batteries useful capacity, as well as d ‘and engine of 204 ch for 310 Nm of couple, installed i rear as provided on its MEB platform. But not the one that breaks the space under the hood.

On the technical sheet, ID.3 promet 415 km autonomy with arms of 18 inches. Særlig omtale for online-configuratoren her, tag peine de modifier the consummation et autonomie avec les roues optionnelles de 19 pouces dont était équité notre modèle d’essai, med 2 km autonomy en moins. Precision d’importance too, this is the model that is chaussé de pneus pulls Bridgestone Blizzak LM005. Although in the face of competition, overconsumption is inevitable (we will not measure up to the quantifier), it will be rather sharp.

La premium push / pull installed to the right of voiture cache une premium Combo. Le port Type 2 is released for an 11 kW AC charger embarqué, which means that the fast recharge is connected to a system of 120 kW DC in series. Always according to the brochure, the 0-100% in AC advertises 6 h 15, while it should take 35 minutes for the 5-80% on one fast charge source. The charging powers are respectable for this electricity which exhibits a certain form of multiplicity.

Renault Megane e-Tech

Displays no consumption measurements for Volkswagen ID.3

Mixed autonomy: 277 km

Premier Supertest workshop, mixed loop to measure average autonomy within the daily ID.3, with a temperature of 9 ° C and a light rain. The occasion also saw the compact on the roads a little more in virages, where it shows a rather balanced chassis, corn of a more amortization. It suffered from back surgeon deformities, but it presented a better fit on the road. In revenge, på ne can not preserve its allure også let qu’en Megane: car si le chassis de la Française permet de ne pas slow down avant un virage pour preserve sa vitesse, celui de l’ID.3 est moins transparent sur ses borders. In addition, the release is perfect and lacks lethality while returning to the pedal. De opbremsninger et remises en vitesse sont donc plus nombreux. On the secondary route, it shows us an average of 20.7 kWh / 100 km.

In the city, it is sent perfectly to the aise: light direction but, redoubtable braking area and has good peripheral vision despite small axis steps… The ID.3 is pleasing to the mind. The rest of its automatic regenerative drainage system, here and there, benefits from being very prudent. We therefore prefer the default mode (with a similar asys regeneration power to Mégane cells). But to modulate the power on two levels, it must be possible to pivot the satellite right that will not make those of a Citroën Axel red. Des paletter derrière the flight becomes more practical. Like its competitor ydermere ID.3 does not have a pedaling system. In its default configuration, we have measured an average of 19.9 kWh / 100 km on this terrain.

Finally, Volkswagen ID.3 with a consumption average of 20.9 kWh / 100 km on a “quotidien” trajectory mixte. Here if it translates to a total autonomy of 277 km. The result is somewhat surprising, the fresh temperature and the resistance of the tires are not foreign.

Route vs car route: more at high speed

Dès lors pas de surprelse sur les autre exercises as our comparative consumption of antipodes. On our rather favorable route type, with a temperature of 8 ° C (mod 9 ° C during the test with the Megane), the German compact combined the 50 km travel distance at 59 km / h with an average consumption of 16, 5 kWh / km, land 351 km total autonomy. Megane can sleep on his two ears.

In return, it began to display one of its specifics on the highway: at high speed, the ID.3 is shown more linearly in its over-consumption. If only the German had passed the finish line with a relevance of 24.1 kWh / 100 km. With an average height in terms of speed (120 km / h), with an autonomy of 240 km.

Instantaneous consumption of the Volkswagen ID.3

This trait de caractère, if you confirm during the measures of instantaneous consumption at 110 km / h and 130 km / h. Uden surprise, two recorded values ​​are higher than those of its competitors with an average of 21.7 kWh / 100 km at 110 km / h and 24.6 kWh / 100 km at 130 km / h. This corresponds to a gap of 13.36% between two and 21.48% for La Mégane. The difference in consumption is 2.9 kWh / 100 km, land 32 km of autonomy on a full square or 22 km with a useful square of 10 to 80% of the fee.

Burns instantly -9 ° C ext.

Trajet longue distance: 170 km useful autonomy

And because it does not judge a car that on long distances, Volkswagen ID.3 in its test configuration presented an average consumption of 23.8 kWh / 100 km on the 500 km of travel on the A6 motorway. Always credited for a superior consumption during our intensive testing evening, she was able to show herself more soberly on this terrain for reasons of temperature. So here is the only confine to our Supertest, that we can not, despite our precautions, never check: the thermometer.

In any case, ID.3 is at the head of the Megane, with a total autonomy of 243 km against 242 km for the French. Dans le retail, the eastern possible d’envisager 220 km route to the premiere party on the long track, with a battery charge of 100%. Ensuite, faudra compter på 170 km useful autonomy for the other stages on the car route. In matters of versatility, they do not deny one of the Other in the chapter on autonomy.

Comfort and performance of the Volkswagen ID.3

Less powerful of 14 lm (204 lm mod 218 lm), but heavier of 176 kg (1 812 kg mod 1 636 kg), Volkswagen ID.3 naturally shows less performance than the Megane. It is less the case on the exercise of 0-100 km / h, with a well-curved well speed curve at low speed, without which by default the motility that always persists. Côté repeats 80-120 km / h, ID.3 digs the exercise in 5.16 s at 80%. This is correct for passing without concern. But the chrono ‘extends to the fur and to the extent that the charge increases. At 20%, you have to count one more second. From 15% charge, Power Gauge, if retracted gradually, important with the available power. You can not imagine a 10% discharge, a truck for a minute where you can get back to an extremely airless charge as an example: Nous avons chronométré un temps de 9.6 s!

A little more rigorous on its suspension, Volkswagen ID.3 is perhaps a little more firm. Nothing good to say about the light bites of the motorways. As the comfort of sitting is very pleasant with the ErgoActive massages and drivers (quoique too hot in position 3 and tiede in position 2).

On the ground, the comfort is plutôt noticeable, in a lumineux habitat and here it gives a good impression of space with the low center console. On the other hand, materials do not meet the brand’s habitual standards, while the global ergonomics of the infodiversity system do not score points. Just like the tactile commands to return haptics on the fly, which are not manipulated with ease. On the road, our sonometer is captured, in the worst case, 1 dB more compared to the Megane. Au doigt mouillé, personne ne pourre dire que l’une est plus bruyante que l’Autre. However, the airways on highways are here advantageously located on the top of the breeze.

Données complementary

Supertest Volkswagen ID.3: ball

Following a car to another, på understands that Volkswagen ID.3 was in the visor throughout the development of the Renault Megane. Certainly, they have notable differences in conception. But they are on the cutting edge in terms of performance and autonomy with very similar ambient temperatures. Less incisive and always preventive, ID.3 addresses those who want a “small” electric, comfortable, relatively techno ‘and capable of doing everything. This is what promises its batteries of 58 kWh, for the moment the only one available in the catalog and finally the most recommendable for the daily life of an ID.3. Those that will be charged with a 77 kWh battery while it will be redesigned should rather lorgner the ID.4, certainly more expensive, but with the coherence associated with its versatility. At the moment, therefore, there is only one tariff that appears in the compact catalog with a check for € 44,800 to sign for the Active finish.

Its consumption – almost – reasonable on the highway does not allow it to travel on a single route, it is a fact. And if you have the integrity of these articles until you know that the battle is rude to Megane over the long haul. Appointment in second part of our Supertest consecrated at the time and cost of the charge that we will receive online next Saturday. Supertesten, it’s all weekends!

Supertesten, c’est quoi?

Loving figures and allergies to the official technical sheets, Supertesten, new format of Auto-Propre essay, is made for you, collects data collected during an essay in real conditions and according to a transparent and precise protocol.

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