Electric car: The crash after the rush?

The government is making every effort to encourage the French to buy electric cars. In January 2023, between them, under resource conditions, they will be able to have a zero-rate loan to acquire an electric or hybrid vehicle. Credit that must be repaid in September to the maximum. The is a two-year pre-trial experiment. This device adds a tax credit to install a recharge source, the ecological bonus, the first to convert, and a project to lease a special electric car….

I’m never more! It is necessary to go fast, very fast. In its new climate package Fit for 55, the European Commission predicts the end of twenty thermal motor vehicles in 2035. Too late, the horse is part of the gallop. But if the goal of reducing CO2 emissions is clear, the way to do it is to parse large quantities.

Endangering public finances

If the whole world is in an electric car, the risk of being sold out. The 6t study bureau, which specializes in mobility analysis, calculates this. Making the hypothesis of a doubling of malice and a division by two of the support for electric mobility from here to 2030, the lack of gain for public power, this year there, would be 9 to 12 billion d ‘euro compared to 2021.

This amount is explained in particular by a fiscal policy effect. “To understand the impact of electric mobility on tax revenues, two effects must be distinguished,” said Hadrien Bajolle, project manager at 6t. The first is the lower tax on electricity in relation to the essence, per unit of energy. It has also been calculated that a thermal vehicle reports today to the State from 570 euros / year (in urban areas) to 650 euros / year (in rural areas) for a model of essence, and from 700 to 790 euro / an for diesel, this difference is due to the fact that the latter rolls on average advantage over the essence of vehicles.

Conversely, the tax reproduction of a vehicule électrique est comprises between 140 and 150 euros / an. “Another effect is due to the fact that electric vehicles are less energy efficient than thermal vehicles. Less energy consumed, so there is automatically less revenue for public power, says Hadrien Bajolle. In other terms, in the current system, we are more committed to the ecological plan, for us to ensure the financing of public services. This should lead us to completely replace taxation in order to reduce our physical flow ». Great programs.

Social threat

It’s a fact, the electric car and its motorization require less main work than the thermal vehicle. According to a study carried out by the Cabinet AlixPartners for the account of the Automotive Platform (PFA), the French branch contributes 15% to 30% of its effects in the electrical transition, whether between 46 000 and 87 000 positions. “Affiliates are particularly at risk, notably the cleavage, the foundry and the embassy. Around 32,000 posts have been threatened by the builders and equipment of ring 1, commented Alexandre Marian, co-author of the study. The ensemble of the sector must review all its production processes “.

But this report, commissioned by the proposals of the European climate package “Fit for 55” last year, insists on another risk that will make a too rapid transition to electricity: those “accelerate additional resources”. dit, we run the risk of assisting with new relocations to low-cost countries, Europe of the East or North Africa by example. “The cost of returning components of an electric car is 60% elevated that those of a thermal model.This explains the more expensive cars, which threatens sales volumes, decrypte Alexandre Marian. in order to sell the most possible vehicles. Where there is an incentive to produce in more affordable conditions outside of France.

In the European scale, with half a million jobs threatened by thermal engine production in 2040, (poorly) compensated by new items – around 225,000 – in electric motorization, which reduced the net loss to 275 000 jobs, figures a recent document from Clepa, association of European equipment, and the cabinet PwC Strategy &.

Risk of meteoric shortage rare

“So we do not want more electric vehicles, electric scooters, portable telephones … and on antager. But if we want to enter in […] a company where på émettra less gas to conserve effect, it must assume the consequences. And the consequences, that we need materials like lithium “, undoubtedly Barbara Pompili, Minister of the Ecological Transition, adding” he should look for us “.

“The batteries in an electric car are 40% de sa valeur. A unique batch of son weights, these are metas: nickel, manganese, cobalt, lithium for the famous batteries lithium-ion »precise Christel Bories, PDG of the Eramet mining group. Problème d’approvisionnement see posed in France and Europe. In 2050, the EU will need thirty-five times more lithium than today, that is 800 000 tons per year, and up to twenty-six times more rare earths (neodymium, dysprosium, praseodymium … ).

It also grows two times more nickel than 330% cobalt, 45% silicon, 35% copper and 10 to 15% additional zinc, according to the latest Eurometric report (April 2022). Va fail to secure plenty of new sources of provision.

Yes, we add to all these challenges the need to produce a lot of electricity to drive our cars, without penalizing the rest of the economy – which is a huge issue – the program of the next Prime Minister ecological planning applies to the works of Hercules. Souhaitons-lui the success because the car itself is essential in the race towards coal neutrality.

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