Education pact between “Lucrezia della Valle” in Cosenza and a Polish school PHOTO

The students of Liceo Linguistico at the “Lucrezia della Valle” school in Cosenza participants, along with 10 students from the Polish school ZESPOL SCHOOL by ELK, the didactic collaborative project “CITY, POLAND, EUROPE, THE WORLD” was held in the council chamber of the Palazzo dei Bruzi to make the city and the municipal institutions aware of their experiences and illustrate the purpose of the project, which aims to establish a virtuous exchange of good practice between the countries of the European Union, it has set out to reconsider the education system in the light of the “lessons” of the COVID-19 pandemic. The students from Cosenza and those from the city of Elk in Poland, who took their seats among the council benches and replaced administrators and city council members for a day, were welcomed by the mayor Franz Carusoby the chairman of the city council Giuseppe Mazzuca and by the Vice-President of the Council, Roberto Sacco. The delegate councilor for the mayor of culture, Antonietta Cozza, served as a trait d’union, in her dual role as a councilor and teacher for the Institute of the Valley. Also represents “Della Valle” head teacher Rossana Perri and the teacher coordinator for the project, Raffaella Bozzo. Also present was project coordinator for Zespol School, Tadeusz Kaleta. During the meeting, Mayor Franz Caruso intervened to bring his greetings and thanked the two schools, the leaders and the teachers, and stressed the importance of their presence. “You have come to the highest council meeting, representative of our city – said Franz Caruso – to experience a moment of confrontation and free democratic debate that should serve to make it clear that politics, if it is truly carried out with passion and dedication and spirit sacrifice it is something noble and important that ennobles even those who represent it “. The mayor also lingered – and it could not have been otherwise – at the current international political moment dominated by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. “In our desires – Franz Caruso added in this regard – there is always the possibility that the horrors and ugliness of the past will no longer repeat itself. Unfortunately, the reality we experience tells the opposite as they repeat themselves and we are all convinced that one people’s violent aggression against another can not be tolerated and suffered without any justification, and then the commitment of all of us must be constant and must be lived day by day, knowing that each of us freedom ends where the freedom of others begins If we believe – the mayor added – that only our freedom exists and the reasons for freedom are not understood, the sad experiences of Nazism and fascism are generated.We and you must commit ourselves to constant participation in democratic life, being in institutions means participating in democratic life.This pollution, carried out through your education project between the young people of Cosenza and those from Poland, is important.No more than Poland can understand what hi the story has been and which unfortunately can be repeated. Poland is closer to this war than we are, and we must be aware that only the unification of all free and democratic peoples will provide the strength to marginalize the risks we are currently experiencing. The stronger democracy, the stronger institutions. This is the ultimate institution in our city. This is where the debate and the confrontation take place. Every councilor sitting on these benches gives free expression to their thoughts and does so by helping to strengthen the institution we each represent. It is important that the young people want to participate in political life and in politics with a big P, which is high politics, valued and which must take place in the interest of the community. Also the chairman of the city council Giuseppe Mazzuca he thanked the two scholastic institutions and the children of the project for the visit to the Council Chamber. “Today – said Mazzuca – is a beautiful day of democracy and participation. Education and culture – he added – represent a strength of our administration. And we want this message to be received by the new generations”. After the intervention of the leader of “Lucrezia Della Valle” Institute Rossana Perri which emphasized the importance of cooperation between the school and the municipal administration, including the mayor of culture’s delegates Antonietta Cozza he noted that it is “important that young people measure themselves in relation to the institutions. The city of the future, which we, together with Mayor Franz Caruso, are committed to building, must be suitable for young people for a better and European future ”.

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