Design lamps: discover the most famous

F.functional, usable but also extremely design. The lamps signed by the most well-known designers are among the most sought-after furnishings also and above all of young people who, thanks to Instagram, go after having a design object when they sit down at home. The most popular? The parenthesis of Flos certainly, but also Eclisse by Artemide often makes a nice show of itself on many people’s bedside tables, while Arco always remains a must-have for many.

Design lamps, the 12 most iconic

Whether it’s a chandelier, a floor lamp or even a simple one, which is not so simple, abat jour designer lamps are among the most sought after objects: not only useful, they also make a great show by giving a “tone” to the home. And Italian design has created beautiful, which immediately became the object of desire for manyeven after many years. We have selected 12 to have, perhaps to illuminate and decorate the forgotten corner of the house.

Flos bue

The name alone evokes a myth. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni created this famous lamp in 1962in full economic boom, and still today it is the object of many desires. Simple but complex, Arco di Flos is one of the many created by the duo for the Italian brand and rests on a Carrara marble base, from which a real arch starts and ends with a chandelier. Designed to illuminate tables, many also choose it over the sofa.

Costanza by Luceplan

Are you looking for the most classic floor lamp with hair? here she is. The credit goes to Paolo Rizzato, who in 1986 thought of a pass-partout model that fits all environments, slim and essential in shape. In time, the table and hanging versions were also born.

Artemis’ eclipse

We know that it is not always easy to look for the perfect lamp. Eclisse solves all problems. Conceived by Vico Magistretti for Artemide in 1965, the designer was inspired by the celestial phenomenon: for this reason the bulb may be completely or partially shielded. To date, it is available in many color variants, although the traditional one is orange.

Danish Falkland

A very special design that certainly does not go unnoticed, and in fact over the years it has been repeatedly taken up. That was in 1964, when Bruno Munari thought of a chandelier by assembling a white elastic mesh tube and metal rings. And he hangs everything from the ceiling. Now available in different sizes and also from the ground, Falkland is well suited for illuminating a small corner.

Bat by Martinelli Luce

The pipistrello for Martinelli Luce has not only become a bestseller, but above all a long seller. Behind the creative mind of Gal Aulenti, who in 1965 combined the forms of freedom and a bat to create an ideal support lamp for the coffee table in the living room.

ADI, the design museum opens in Milan: the secrets of style from Ferrari to Olivetti

ADI, the design museum opens in Milan: the secrets of style from Ferrari to Olivetti

Kartells Bourgie

The most minimal is transparent, simply the most baroque gold. Behind Kartell’s Bourgie Ferruccio Laviano, who united two soulsthe bourgeois who are inspired by the French baroque and the pop who chooses transparent colored plexiglass. And voila a table lamp that certainly would not have tarnished Marie Antoinette’s Versailles.

Parentheses of Flos

If you turn on social media, it is perhaps the most “instagrammed” lamp, an inevitable presence in Millennials’ new home. Behind Parenthesia an idea as simple as it is ingenious by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù: hook the lamp to the ceiling with a counterweight resting on the floor to move it and place it at the desired height along the steel cable. The name? From the shape of the shaped element on which the bulb rests.

PS 2014 from Ikea

Not only “noble” names, even the Swedish giant has over the years created a chandelier that has become a must-have for many. Suspended, PS 2014 is inspired by science fiction movies, it opens like a spaceship using two wires that regulate the opening itself and therefore the intensity of the light.

Fortuny of Pallucco

Certainly not a lamp suitable for small spaces or minimal in shape. Still of great charm. Behind Fortuny, Mariano Fortuny, historical tailor and creator of fabrics, worked in Venice in the early twentieth century. The lamp that bears his name was precisely his idea born of the need to have more light on the set just to photograph better his creations. Today produced by Pallucco, it is composed of a tripod typical of cameras and a spectacular umbrella-shaped fabric lampshade. theatrical.

Snoopy by Flos

The Castiglioni brothers also signed another great success for Flos, the Snoopy. Perfect for the desk and created in 1967, it has become one of the most iconic and fun lamps of the twentieth century. Extremely ironic, the shape is reminiscent of the ears of the famous character created by Charles M. Schulz, has a marble base overcome by a glossy black hat. For the first 50 years, the company produced a limited edition of 1,700 numbered pieces.

Shut up Flos

And the Castiglioni brothers also signed another great success in 1962, the Shut up. The inspiration? A Greek Doric pillar and shaped like a dish. Born as a table lamp, it can also be placed on the ground because it completely illuminates the surrounding environment.

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Oluce Atoll

It was in 1977 when Vico Magistretti revolutionized the classic concept of abat-jour by creating Atollo. As simple as it is efficient, the Atollo is composed of a cylinder, a cone and a hemisphere that create an ideal light for reading.


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