Casini: “Bagno a Ripoli needs new housing, but we have halved the forecasts”

Mayor Casini, in a few days (May 9) the deadlines for observations from associations and individual citizens on the new operational plan for Bagno a Ripoli expire. The first version of the plan has already been significantly modified. If, on the one hand, it means that many changes requested in the public assembly have been accepted, on the other hand, the doubt arises that the Operational Plan has been made too easy, do not you think?

“It’s not like that. We’ve been clear from the start. In 2017, the new town planning tools were launched with an expression of interest. Anyone who had ideas for the development of Bagno a Ripoli, even if it was not of personal interest, could present them. “Many have arrived, which we have gathered and presented, about which a discussion has been opened”.

Before inserting them into the operating plan, you will have to evaluate them.

“Of course, but it was still far from approval. In the beginning, it was a participation plan that, contrary to what some say, was true, with serious proposals for debate, not a take or leave. We evaluated together with citizens and businesses. Nothing preconceived has been put forward ”.

But the forecasts for Osteria Nuova, for example, have been completely shaky. The construction and creation of a bypass was assumed and then canceled.

“Osteria Nuova is a special case. The forecasts go back to the 1999 plan, which merely reported inquiries from citizens created in a cooperative. We have worked with the property to reduce the volumes. That plan will bring improvements to Osteria with new parking spaces and a new playground.The faction in recent years has been blocked due to the stalemate on the city intervention “.

And the bypass previously planned and now eliminated?

“No longer do the construction work under the people’s house, it no longer makes sense to do so.”

Even a rather invasive tourist facility between Sorgane and Bagno a Ripoli was first planned and then canceled.

“Many citizens, not all, did not appreciate it. It included a park and a communal swimming pool. The park as it is known, we will do the same. Thanks to the discussion with the citizens, the forecast has been reduced ”.

Is there really a need for the many new homes provided for in the Operational Plan?

“I deny the rumor that this administration has planned new buildings. The forecasts have been drastically reduced, almost halved, compared to what was stated in 2015. The forecasts for housing construction have been reduced in Antella, eliminated in Capannuccia, no one is present in “Grassina. The only new housing forecast is on the Ripoli plain for a total of 6,000 square meters of built-up area. But the population in the municipality will not increase, we will continue to be between 25 and 26 thousand inhabitants”.

So what are the extra houses for? Was the recovery of the many unused properties not enough? The explanation given by the city council at the time about the increase in family units due to separations does not hold up: Those who go apart, as a rule, and then mate again, do not need new housing for this.

“In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of households. There are children seeking housing near their parents and that is a legitimate request. Even though we know that we can not provide answers to infinity precisely to limit land consumption. Moreover, the data for the newborns in Bagno a Ripoli are in contrast to a small increase compared to before. For this reason, restoration of the existing is not enough. In recent years we have had a migration from Bagno a Ripoli to the municipalities of Valdarno. That 50 percent of the houses left in the forecast is the smallest share needed in Bagno a Ripoli ”.

And they will be born in a piece of land where construction was not planned.

“Yes, nothing was expected, but it was a mistake. Bagno a Ripoli needs a functional repair. We will soon show plans for how it will be. Services will primarily be built for the citizens, starting with a kindergarten and a cultural center, premises that can also be used for sports or commercial activities. “

Was it not practical to keep the “reserve” area for future needs? Maybe a sports hall or a swimming pool?

“Keeping an area free is not urban planning. In Pian di Ripoli, the strongest wound, from a landscape point of view, is the building of the Gobetti Volta. A very important school for the area, which I hope has the resources to be rebuilt from Pnrr. As for the sports facilities, we will make amends for a loan that we have what it takes to build a new fitness center behind Paduleskolen. Not a sports hall but a nice gym that can be used by local clubs. The real building in Bagno a Ripoli is already there: it’s the Gobetti Volta fitness center. Furthermore, in 2026 we will carry out the complete restyling of Redi School High School ”.

In short, new designs to mask the Gobetti Volta building?

“Let us not exaggerate. It will be an improvement of the territory in the best way with buildings of high architectural quality. The whole area will be part of the bike path system and will be serviced by the tramway. It will be almost exclusively pedestrians with underground parking. It will restore centrality to Bagno a Ripoli, who now pays for mistakes made in the past ”.

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