Can your electric car battery have a fire?

The fires of electric vehicles regularly agitate social networks. Spændende, a car with batteries and net less risks of igniting than a thermal vehicle. In an impressive way, the emergency services have specific intervention procedures.

Des jets d’incincelles, des crépitements, une fumée épaisse: omkavnelsen af ​​et batteri af véhicule électrique peut être saisissant. It is quite probable that you will see one in the course of your existence. Electric cars Are they burning more often? Refrain ! Electric cars present less risk of fire than their homologous essence and diesel.

A study published in early 2022 by the American insurer AutoInsurenceEZ in particular demonstrated. She found a ratio of 25 feux / 100 000 vehicles on the electricians, with 1 529 feux / 100 000 vehicles for the thermals and a surprising rate of 3 457 feux / 100 000 vehicles on the hybrids.

Do you need electric batteries?

A battery can be used for several reasons. In perforation, dislocation, deformation eller in simple dysfunction of the BMS (computer that regulates the flow of energy in the battery) can provoke a short-circuit then a thermal packaging of cells, with a localized or generalized fire.

Most battery failures are caused by a design or manufacturing defect. Errors are quickly corrected during fast-track campaigns such as Hyundai Kona cells, or by remote misses such as those made by Tesla following a series of fires.

Une protection against latéraux shocks

Traffic accidents are more rare in the presence of battery-powered drivers. Ja, reservoiret af en vehicule essens ou diesel peut s’enventrer lors un un shock, c’est plus difficilement le cas d’une batterier qui est protége par un cadre en métal. The cases of displacement of batteries concerning accidents of an extreme violence et n’impliquent pas systematically un incendie.

En pakke med toutefois plus de risks of being perforated during a vertical impact and concentrated under the vehicle, overfladen horizontal face to the road being its Achilles heel. In this case, compartmentalization of cells may contain the collection in the touch zone. By the way, an eventual battery does not run out of large quantities of flammable liquids, à det omvendte af et reservoir de fuel.

Is electric car battery fire dangerous?

Comme tous les incendies, celui d’une-batterier poses of course a danger. It is obviously necessary to evacuate the vehicle without delay to the less smoked or suspicious phenomenon. But the absence of fluid highly flammable reduces the risk of propagation of the sinus by schooling. And battery content of solid or gelled materials that will burn on site.

According to a test carried out until 2021 by the Austrian firefighters, the universities of Graz and Leoben, as well as the cabinet of ILF Consulting, an electric vehicle fire (considering the integrity of the vehicle and only slightly more than a battery) ‘a fire of diesel car. These latter have measured between 6 and 7 megawatts (MW) “average calorific charge” of an electricity when a diesel discharge around 5 MW. A weak axis axis that does not provoke meaningful augmentation of the peril for users, after firefighters.

Comment firefighters own a fire truck electric car?

The emergency services have adapted to the arrival of electric vehicles on the market. The new protocols and material regulations of instaurés afin de contir rapidly and in toute sécurité the embrace of a battery. A massive contribution of water is always predicted, as on a thermal vehicle. “Yes the batteries high voltage take fire, is exposed to a high heat or it is pliée, tordue, fendue eller brisée de quelque façon que ce soit, utilize de grande quantities d’eau pour refroidir de batteries”recommends ainsi Tesla.

Electric cars are designed to instantly couple current during a shock. To avoid any risk of electric shock, firefighters can manually withdraw the main dispatcher or use a specific branch to branch at the vehicle discharge port. This tool also loads an accidental launch, for example if the driver supports the accelerator pedal.

Pour act plus effectively on the battery packs, the secourists peuvent also if you acquire a special spear. Equipped with a puncture, it allows to perforate the pack for injecting high pressure water.

Finally, the soldiers of the fire can use a thermal camera to identify the hot spots and ensure the total extinction of the sinister. In certain cases, the batteries can be stored several hours of hours under observation and, more rarely, plunged into a bac replica of water. As for a thermal car fire, extinction water is charged with polluting materials. They must be collected by the bassing bassins normally implanted along the length of the routes.

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