Automotoretrò 2022, in Turin shows the car’s history and culture

About 2 years away from the last edition of 2020 Automotoretrò – the exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles – reappeared last Thursday at the Lingotto Fiere, as always thanks to Giuseppe “Beppe” Gianoglio and his son Alberto.
The exhibition has not lost its validity, as have others, which will be held in Milan and the important exhibition in November, in Padua. Not only revolves around a world of fans of the sector, who have clearly already reached a certain age. But also lately, “youngtimers”, that is, young enthusiasts. And not only that, because we must not forget that vintage cars and motorcycles are not only “culture in motion” (as a former director of the Modern Art Museum in New York had stated), but also call for an important working world that surrounds

The older craftsmen and profound connoisseurs of vintage cars and motorcycles are gradually disappearing, and their knowledge would be good if it was imparted – and accepted – by young people. And here we are working on giving birth to the new “restoration schools”. The field is wide: motorists (mechanics who also know how to work with carburetors and suspension), chassis builders, bodybuilders, saddlers (for the interior or for saddles and handlebars on motorcycles and scooters), tire specialists (for tires).

At Automotoretrò 2022, there are not only historic cars and motorcycles: a space was dedicated to 10 cars and some motorcycles from a period stretching from the second post-war period to the threshold of the third millennium, all “dug out” and exhibited for their character pioneers and the ability to interpret the spirit of the times.

That is, “Revolutions on display”. A few examples? Land Rover, transformed into a handyman car after being born on the post-war chassis and body, our Fiat Panda, a fun and practical “city car” that appeared in 1980, while the serious protest against the “march of 40,000” was born in Turin (workers and employees of the Turin-based company), Volkswagen’s “Bulli”, a van for a concept (which lasted a long time) about an alternative and free life (we traveled on it and even slept). And the Trabant (not captivating), a car from the GDR and the East: which after the fall of the Berlin Wall was transformed into a memorable model of a world that no longer existed.
Not only. Outside the Oval, separated from the square buildings in Lingotto Mostre, the area (with the track in front) is dedicated to ultra-prepared cars, with very low and hyper-rigid suspensions, which perform in “operation”, ie in curves quickly with the cars crossing on 4 wheels, led by rally drivers.
Do not miss the Heritage stand (Fiat, Lancia, vintage Alfa Romeo, driven by the talented Roberto Giolito, former Fiat designer), where a legendary Lancia Fulvia Coupé HF with race number 14 also makes a fine show: flanked by Flavia Munari (on the side of the steering wheel and Ariella Mannucci on the passenger side to commemorate the 50 years that have passed since Flavia’s husband, the Venetian Sandro “Drago” Munari, flanked by his Milanese navigator Mario Mannucci, on that car) they won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1972, and left (despite the 1600 hp engine, but a little helped by the front drive on the snow) the more powerful Porsche and Renault A110.
The exhibition’s cultural events and debates are beautiful, such as the car club in Turin and Italy and its president Angelo Sticchi Damiani and its vice president (but president of AC Turin, Piergiorgio Re), with the intervention of Mayor Stefano Lo Russo of Turin, Andrea Tronzano (budget for the region Piedmont), Giorgi Marsiaj (president of the industrial association) and Filippo Bolaffi (from the homogenous auction house in Turin).
Early tomorrow (Sunday 1 May at 11am) the Aci stand will host the Turin Auto Museum, the presentation of the book Lancia Stratos Gr.5-Turbo-Silhouette (12pm) and Wheels in History: A Circuit of events in Turin. expertise between tourism and passion.
Not to forget: the 50th anniversary of the Fiat X1 / 9 (designed by Marcello Gandini for the Carrozzeria Bertone) and the 50 + 1 from the Autobianchi A112 were also celebrated. The historic cars and motorcycles of the police and Carabinieri could not be missing.

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