20 works of art, installations and innovative design objects that will leave you speechless

The Instagram DesignTherapy page daily shares some of the most significant works of art, installations and design objects on the modern scene. We have selected 20 absolutely fantastic

Some of the most significant works of art, installations and design objects on the modern scene are the main characters on the famous Instagram DesignTherapy page. The feed gallery is a real delight to the eye among breathtaking sculptures (some entirely made with recycled materials), furniture with unusual shapes, green jewels, captivating installations, in addition to the usual packaging.

If you want to fill up with originality, innovation, wonder, we have selected the 20 most amazing works for you that DesignTherapy has shared over time.

VW Beetle by Alex Witcombe

Alex Witcombe (@driftedcreations) is the artist who created this spectacular life-size Volkswagen Beetle using recycled wood exclusively. An authentic masterpiece!

Vegetable bracelet from Gab Bois

What if vegetables turned into jewels? Artist Gab Bois is not new to this type of experimentation. Not only bracelets with Brussels sprouts, asparagus and so on, over time it has even given life to pasta sweaters, bras with pumpkins, salad shorts, watermelon circles.

On the Water by Ayse Erkmen

Walking on the water requires no miracles! Thanks to the visionary artist Ayse Erkmen, who created this spectacular transparent catwalk.

‘La favorite’ by Alexis Ferrer

Alexis Ferrer is a famous hairdresser who, inspired by 18th century fabric patterns, decorated blonde bobs with flowering branches, butterflies and hummingbirds using a specific hair pressure technique. The result is spectacular!

Eye Pod by April Rose

Who would not want a rainbow-eye chair bed? The project is by April Rose from @rainbowkimono.

Nello & Patrasche by Batist Vermeulen

Wonderful this famous sculpture that seems to come out of the sidewalk, created by the artist Batist Vermeulen, dedicated to the 1872 novel “A dog from Flanders“.

The ceramic faces of @ab_khak_jan

The ceramic faces on ab_khak_jan are original and a little disturbing. Ready to welcome fruit, nuts, sweets, chocolates in their huge mouths.

Cécile Davidovici’s works

Cécile Davidovici plays with threads, as a painter does with brush and paints, and gives life to dreamlike portraits that break out in wonder.

Stone portraits of Justin Bateman

Stones and pebbles are the favorite materials of artist Justin Bateman, who wisely uses them to create wonderful portraits.

The vegetable embroideries by Konekono Kitsune

The vegetable embroideries by the Japanese artist Konekono Kitsune are truly a marvel to the eyes. Delicate, original, innovative and yet inspired by tradition.

Milly Vishnias rings

The rings by designer Milly Vishnia are truly original, inspired by Adam’s creation by Michelangelo, painted on the vault of the Sistine Chapel.

Carl Theodor Sørensen’s round gardens

These wonderful round gardens are one of the great works of the great landscape architect Carl Theodor Marius Sørensen. They are located in the Naerum district of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Milk containers from Depot_wpf

When the packaging really fits! The idea is from the agency Depot branding bureau.

Nikita Konkin pasta packages

A haircut for any type of pasta! The idea for the original packaging is by Nikita Konkin.

Periodic table with real elements of ElementsTables

One of a kind is the periodic table of the elements that really encompass them. What an extraordinary idea!

3D bookmark by Zilan3dmaker

The bookmark claws that Zilan3dmaker has devised with 3D printing are certainly impressive. But they are definitely useful!

Cyril Lancelin’s works

Large installations and definitely beyond the usual ones devised by the artist Cyril Lancelin, such as these “forests” of cacti.

Harris Armstrong’s tinted windows

Glass mosaic windows in different colors cast multicolored lights on the floor. The project is by the famous American architect Harris Armstrong.

Cargotectures stacked containers

A very successful example of Cargotecture, the container architecture that has transformed from a simple way to a very widespread construction practice.

The Persian rug by @jahanrugs

This original handmade rug is inspired by the famous works of the artist Faig Ahmed. A modern take on traditional Persian rugs.

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